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  1. Anyone know where someone outside of Korea could buy some Korean Microsoft Points? I tried to see if I could order it from their website http://www.onlinepoints.co.kr but it seems they text message your phone the code and since I don't live there it won't work for me...
  2. Any idea how long this will take for the full 1000 to boost?
  3. I am gonna try this out later today when I get my boosting group together... From what I am reading it shouldn't be too much trouble finding each other + with what you have written it should help out quite a bit...
  4. As with the rest I am looking for someone to boost this game with... GT: SandTrapper
  5. From what I can tell from the game it is 1 person per xbox
  6. Well either way getting losses atleast helps out the other person who is going for the win... It just becomes REALLY REALLY tedious...
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