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  1. The Rebuild a ship achievement that you get for completing the intro mission didn't pop for me when i went to play on the xbox one. Earlier i was playing on the 360, and got it with a different character. Weird.
  2. I'll be in. Not very creative but I will be sure to download lots of everyone else's to make up for it! GT: Adgum
  3. Adgum

    Road map update

    Not sure if this has already been noted, but can the roadmap be updated to show that some achievements are unobtainable due to dirt 2 servers being shut down? Specifically the achievement "I ain't afraid of no ghost". Multiplayer achievements are unaffected. Thanks.
  4. I should be able to make it for this group if you still need numbers. Gamertag = Adgum I'll send you a friend request.
  5. Hey, Im online right now if you wanna jump on. Just need one more person (you) to get Originality. *(i sent you a friend request)
  6. Looking for 2 more people to do Ménage à trois and Originality. Add me on XBL and we can get this tin can rolling. Gamertag: Adgum
  7. Im up for some CTF. Online Daily. Add me! Gamertag: Adgum
  8. I THINK you have to have 6 people minimum. I attempted this a few years ago on the xbox version, and if memory serves correct each team needs a minimum of 3 people? I could be wrong though.
  9. The fact gears are trying to pull this "season pass" crap has instantly put me off playing that game. so i am happy to do it whenever. Also, my mate will be in on it also. his gamertag is "nearmileycyrus". (he doesn't own gears 3 so he is keen whenever also) In saying that. We are both from Western Australia so there may be a time difference issue with work and study commitments from the both of us. But suggest a time and we will see what we can do.
  10. Ill Join in on this. My Gamertag is "Adgum"
  11. It is very unfortunate that they create achievements like this, especially without alternate solutions. I wish there was a simple fix like xploder game saves or something...
  12. Man, if you follow the achievment Guides method, you can get all but 10 hour one in like 5 hours. Its Rediculous. XD all i need is 10 hours and its taking so long... Guess ill just leave it on the first level and put the fishy to the bottem
  13. Brought it with Tony hawks Wasteland in a pack. It was a good playthrough. But I hate that the difficulty achievements don't stack.
  14. Easy Game for Legendary. Just encase anyone hasn't realized. Once you finish the game. (assuming u did it on a lesser difficulty). Legendary is a lot quicker, because you don't need to Travel around to each mission as the Rookie.. After you get to the First Mission, you can save and exit after completing each one and just load up the next level.
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