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  1. How difficult is it to perfect the game? Seeing mixed messages between X360 and X1 boards for this. Thanks!
  2. Looking to do last three online achievements (team lot, team ranked event, 6 man freeskate) Will be online for Skate 3 tomorrow (11/14) from 12:30 PM EDT to 3:30 PM EDT. PST and lets get this done. GT: Wingman771
  3. If anyone is interested. Real quick 1 card games to hopefully knock out a nice chunk. Message me for invites. If I don't receive messages by 9:30, I'll be pushing it back. GT: Wingman771
  4. That controller is super cool. Where did you find the pink replacements? Edit: Where do you find button replacements in general....or I guess what are reputable places that offer them?
  5. Trying to crank out the 500 Online games. Have about 250 done. Hit me up. GT:Wingman771
  6. Do we know if this DLC pack will have achievements with it?
  7. Hey guys, I am 60/68 for Skate 3 and was wondering if anyone can help me out with the last 8? Most of them are online ones. I need: Marraffanator High Five! Lot Pwners Team Up Throwdown Co-Operator You're a Winner! Talking bout Team Practice If anyone can help, that would be great. GT: Wingman771
  8. Haha I understand, but I obviously did those without getting Around the World. Has to be in specific ranges, which I found out. Anyways, I guess I should have looked at the guide for all of the achievements but didn't as the three you listed were pretty self explanatory.
  9. Whats the best place to unlock around the world? Having issues getting that one to unlock. Is there any range/peak where all three helicopters are? Thanks
  10. Any tips for Pan Race It? Or the other Race Its in Alaska? I just can't seem to beat them....
  11. w00t!!!!! 50k Badge acquired!!!!!!! Thank god for bots haha.
  12. For me the Race It! event shows 32358 and the Trick It! shows 28458 for the Beyond the Fall track....
  13. I competed in the event yesterday. Really hoping this reaches 50k.
  14. So I'm trying to do the Tony assassination mission, except I own the story he supposedly owns...what do I do? When I go in, I can't call clothing. Any ideas? Thanks
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