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  1. Disappointed this thread is not started.. Wasted hours talking with those in the "Achievement Trading Thread" only to find out xbox360 is not cross-platform with Vista. Anyways, I'll be hosting a trading session this weekend. If anyone is interested please reply to this thread. I'll set a time/date if there is interest. Thoughts on how to obtain the achievements: Sweet Revenge / Never Give Up / The Cleaner - Map: Diner Sessions: 10 Rounds: 3 People: 4 - 8 Time: 4 Notes: Pair up per session, traitor = decoy, cop = achievement collector, Meet at fence then have decoy kill the achievement collector. Achievement collector comes back as cop, and revenge kills decoy through the fence. The fence is where the getaway van breaks when leaving, on far right side of spawn. Crime Buster / Double Trouble / Mr. Popularity - Map: Diner Sessions: 10 Rounds: 3 People: 5 - 8 Time: 4 Notes: Assuming 5 players. Have two people assigned to kill ONE other merc. This creates two traitors for each round. Then the 5th wheel (odd man out) kills both traitors. Mercenary / Family Member / Some / A lot / Cash Addict / Most Wanted / Mr. Play-It-Straight / 50 to Won / Rush Hour / Perfect Split Map: Mall Sessions: 15 Rounds: 3 People: 4 - 8 Time: 7 Notes: Run through, everyone will equally split the cash. One round have one person kill other players and make out with at least 1.5 mil. Veteran- Map: Diner Sessions: As many as it takes Rounds: 3 People: 4 - 8 Time: 7 Notes: Run through, kill cops at the diner, then get in getaway van (do not enter building where the senator runs ) Celebrity / True Elite- Don't bother, worth 0 points.
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