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  1. Dayum.. No way I'm doing that. I might get up like an hour early to have time watch some of the trailers and such that is revealed.
  2. Odd question but, any idea how long the MS conference goes for? It starts at like 2:30am here in Aussie. And I have school so, I don't if I should wake myself up just for a conference.
  3. So, I recently got a new connection (20/4 up from like 2/1.) which is great! But, I have noticed that once I put something on to download on my Xbox One, the download speed drops to about half of what it normally is and changes frequently. From doing a speed test on my computer while I've been downloading on the Xbox, I have found that's it just effects my xbox (as my computer speeds are the regular). If that makes any sense.. But really, what I'm getting at is, has anyone experienced this? And if so, have you find a way to keep it from dropping?
  4. Thought so. Thanks! Another stupid question probably, but all Microsoft currency/points cards and whatever there called, are now basically region free on the One, right? Cause the console itself is region free practically.
  5. Judging of what have been said, I'll be alright to change regions to America (from AUS) to buy Watch Dogs when it comes out, right?
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out! Do you reccomend a certain show I should start with? Or just start with the up-to-date product?
  7. Does anyone else here watch Ring of Honor Wrestling? Cause I'm looking to get into it and was curious where I could watch it the up-to-date product from, (preferably torrent it, if I'm allowed to ask that kind of stuff, surroundin WWE is bland and I want some variety.
  8. Looks absolutely amazing, bring on October!
  9. Maybe whoever made Octodad: Dadliest Catch, announces it for Xbox One. Honestly, that's the only thing PS4 has, which I want..
  10. Amazon has instant e-mail codes. You just need to use a US address and such while buying it.
  11. It's obvious that Batista has skipped leg day ever since he left WWE and is hiding it. I wouldn't be surprised it's his ring attire from now on..
  12. Nice to know, I might actually do this.
  13. Let me know how it goes, thinking about doing it myself.
  14. Thank god it's not a English & Grammar teaching channel or you would be teaching your ''subscribers'' how to fail in school.. On Topic: Never really random messages, only friend requests.
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