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  1. I am excited that Giancarlo Stanton got selected for the home run derby, and later his first All-Star game. He will be a force for many years in my opinion hitting 45-50 home runs a year.
  2. Only the RT Drunk Tank podcast for me. I usually listen to them at work when I'm bored.
  3. Yeah I know man, tattoos are expensive. Now I have to decide what to get next lol. Once you start you can't stop.
  4. I just got my first tattoo 5 weeks ago. It's the Alter Bridge Blackbird logo on my upper left arm. Music is everything to me, Alter Bridge has helped me through tough times.
  5. It seems everybody outside of south Florida hates the Heat. I don't get it. I agree LeBron probably shouldn't have had "the decision" thing on tv but players leave teams in favor of other teams. Look at Chis Paul, nobody said anything when he left New Orleans. I still have the Heat in 6.
  6. Halo Borderlands Modern Warfare/Black Ops
  7. Brink, the AI is completely retarded. So frustrating...
  8. I have a 06 Ford Focus, just hit 79k miles. It's dark red 5 speed, few mods. Mainly rims and exhaust. Currently working/saving for a 13 Mustang GT/CS white 6 speed Premium with track apps!
  9. I like both bands. I know they are similar, but to me they are completely different bands.
  10. Currently on my Nook I'm reading Catching Fire (Hunger games #2) and in regular book form Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry
  11. David Baldacci, Vince Flynn etc. Political based thrillers
  12. I think the Heat will win in 6 or 7. Both teams are very good. I'm a south Florida raised kid so I'm biased but Let's go Heat!
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