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  1. Playing Far Cry 6, and I've finally gotten to my first base. The game makes a semi-big affair of this by shifting into third-person mode and encouraging me to explore the base. As I'm running around, I spot a game controller icon in one of the buildings and there's a gaming rig cobbled together. I wondered if they'd go the route of Homefront: The Revolution or Wolfenstein and imbed Far Cry Classic into the game or something. Nope. Holding the X button to "Interact" opens the store page to purchase the season pass. This is the only thing that it does. Fuckin' Ubisoft.😄 I suppose I should've paid attention to what was on the screen as it just keeps cycling through headshots of Vaas, Pagan Min and John Seed, but still. Kinda cynical to have a station in your base devoted to selling you DLC. On a more fun note (and potentially to Dirty's interest) there's a cockfighting mini-game that's given the arcade treatment. On the "Choose Your Fighter" screen, they've got homages to both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. A white rooster with black head feathers is named El Dragon while another who's red with yellow head feathers is called El Rival. Then there are another two that are mostly black and are identical except the one named Toasty has some orange feathers and the one named Frosty has some blue feathers.
  2. A gaming friend of mine admitted to me today that she didn't know that Tony Hawk was a real person. She thought he was a character they'd made up to sell the games. 🤦‍♂️😄 I'll bet he'd probably find that pretty amusing. I guess they've decided to go broke? Granted with people still throwing money at GTAO that could take a while... I've watched most of E3 but the only thing that really stuck out was Chernobylite and that's really only because of heavy METRO and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibes. Gotta admit, I'd be even more interested were it on game pass. Which, come to think of it, seemed to be the thrust of MS's presentation - get game pass. All of E3 just seems to tired and run-of-the-mill. Even Devolver Digital's shtick, which I normally enjoy, got old this time around. I mean, thanks for being smugly self-aware again guys but I think this has run its course. Internet personalities getting excited for ads for games, that usually didn't include actual gameplay, and it all just feels so phony. Ubisoft doubling down on it's usual "diverse group" virtue-signaling by throwing in that their games were made in a COVID-safe environment as if that matters somehow, when more people just want them to make a Splinter Cell game. Geoff "Dorito Pope" Keighley slobbering all over Kojima's Solid Snake just before announcing the "Director's Cut" of Death Stranding. Setting aside for a second that the guy had complete control over the game in the first place, did anybody ask for this? Fuck me, I haven't even gotten a chance to see Todd "Sweet Little Lies" Howard's presentation yet...🙄 Sorry for being such a shit, but I love video games and have been a vidiot all my life, and it's kinda sad to watch yet another industry (television, movies, comic books, etc.) succumb to banality because all the money is going to executives and not the creatives. So how 'bout I end on a high note with a pic of my new buddy?: She's a shelter-rescue Australian cattle dog and her name is Sydney (shut up, Dirty! 😘) and, I assure you, her fur is as satisfying to pet as it is a curiosity to the eye. She has such a strong herding instinct that I think if she could, she'd gather everything she loves into a pile and lean against it. They told us she's a year-and-a-half old, but we think she's closer to 9 months because she's a white hot ball of unpredictable puppy energy. 😄 She's super smart, which is great on one hand because she picks up training pretty quickly, but it also leads her to get into mischief. She destroys an "indestructable" toy nearly every other day and the only things she likes chasing more than that frisbee are the crickets in the yard at night when she should be doin' her bidness. She doesn't bark when she's awake, but will sometimes "bark" when she's dreaming, which is just adorable.
  3. I was reminded of this song/video recently and was surprised that it still slaps. It's a much better song than it has any right to be. Also, in the 15 years since I first saw it, somebody updated the potato version of the video to this one. Enjoy!:
  4. No deer in LB3, so I'm in the clear! A week or so ago they had Maneater in one of the sales. I forget the price, but I was considering picking it up. I happened to be reading the sale list on TA and when I went back to my account a story from TA News popped up showing it was being added to game pass. And Ubisoft puts its games on sale so often, I have a hard time ever giving them full boat for anything.
  5. So, since there hasn't been a LEGO game in over 2 years I'm stacking LEGO Batman 3 on the One. LEGO games in general can be a bit glitchy and a lot of times it's mundane stuff like your character getting caught in the environment, but this particular one I found hilarious. So the game has two different types of Hubs, there are the horizontal plane Hubs, like the Hall of Justice and the Bat Cave, and these have the camera follow-panning your character from left to right and vice versa. Then there are the Hub Worlds, which are the Lantern planets such as Oa and Nok, are spherical in nature and the surface rolls as you run around on it. Well, I had just done the final quest on Nok and I travelled back to the Watchtower to show some costume to Booster Gold to complete a different quest. Except when the Hub loads in, it has the physics of the spherical surfaces of the Hub Worlds under what should be a horizontal plane, so it shifts everything askew. Watch as the characters do the "Smooth Criminal" lean: Booster Gold is up the staircase that has the starfield background clipping into it. At any rate, I figured I'd go to another area and see if it corrected the problem, so I traveled to the Bat Cave. The Bat Cave is a much smaller Hub than the Watchtower and as soon as I arrive, everything begins sliding toward the screen. I love how Conan O'Brien keeps respawning and falling to his death...: I saw recently an online satire magazine got some heat for posting a story aimed at IGN that had the headline: "IGN Game Reviewer Happy to Now Have Time to Play All the Games He's Reviewed". 😄 Something about FC5 just kinda killed my interest in the franchise as a whole. I'll likely play FC6 eventually, just like I played New Dawn, but I've no enthusiasm at all. 🥴 But where else could that story really go? Even the manga, All You Need is Kill, is only one volume and is more or less the story in the film. They didn't cut much out, mostly just rearranged things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to shit on your dream, I'm just having a hard time envisioning what it might be... And no one wants another Tomb Raider movie.
  6. This is a game that actually exists. 😄 An Airport for Aliens Currently Run By Dogs "An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs is an open-world comedy game set in a universe of simulated airports run by stock photo dogs. Solve their problems. Translate mysteries. Catch your flight."
  7. Just so it's clear, I am not a fan of fantasy in general, there's something special about both Berserk and The Wheel of Time that elevate them above just simple fantasy. Hell, the only reason I started reading Wheel of Time was because a buddy of mine who I'd leant a bunch of comics to that he'd never heard of, but thoroughly enjoyed, so he asked me to read his favorite series. As I mentioned, the author died and Brandon Sanderson just wasn't up to finishing it properly (no offense to any Sanderson fans meant) so, yeah, the ending might let you down. The Lord of the Rings on the other hand, I had read to me as a child, but I've never read myself. I'm not a giant fan of the material, but I do not dislike it either, so I saw the movie in the theatre when it first released. I was totally unprepared for just how good that first movie really is. Don't get me wrong, the 2 sequels are good and have their moments, too, but that first movie is incredible. To the point that the actors being so into it, they might end up becoming the way you want to envision the characters, similar to something like The Princess Bride.
  8. When Robert Jordan died while writing the 12th and final volume in the series, it was pretty devastating. Each volume is 700+ pages, so reading this beast of a story is a commitment. They chose a successor, Brandon Sanderson, and gave him Jordan's notes, but he pulled a 'Hobbit Movie' with it and expanded the final book into a trilogy. Honestly, it just wasn't the same and I stopped reading partway through volume 13. This is apparently the route they're going to take with Berserk, as well. The difference being that even while Miura wasn't telling the public, he knew he was dying and so he worked with his team so they'd know how to complete the story. We'll see where it goes... Muira was so talented... As an aside, I'll bet Miyazaki's team over at FROM are beside themselves. In Dark Souls, they created the best adaptation of the tone of the manga and even had Easter eggs in the games from Berserk.
  9. Everybody else had Game of Thrones, but I had Berserk, now it looks like I've got The Wheel of Time again...
  10. Just heard today that Kentaro Miura died on May 6. What terrible news. 😭
  11. I like the Mass Effect games as much as I always have, and always will.
  12. I always found a way around the early costs was to be summoned for a boss when I was Hollow/Unkindled. If you won, you came back with Humanity/Rekindled and even had a preview shot at the boss before having to be the host. I helped Scotty with the Twin Princes in DS3, so even he caves, eventually. 😄
  13. I always defend summoning because it rocks, and one time I had a guy respond to me that summoning was NOT how the game was meant to be played and that it ruins the experience. Unsurprisingly, I gave him some snark: Oh, wow, has anyone told Solaire? He's standing there near the beginning of the game handing out those White Soapstones like candy. Does he have any idea he's ruining it for everyone? I mean, he's even set up that Sun Bros. Covenant to further encourage people to ruin their experiences... Is there any way FROM can stop him? He never responded to me unfortunately. Hope he got the point... 😄 Homefront: The Revolution is not as terrible a game as it generally gets credit, but it's still not great either. However, I would not recommend playing it if you are not a fan of stealth games. And I even like some universally panned stealth games like DARK, so keep that in mind... 😉 Timesplitters 2 can be played within the game on arcade cabinets scattered around the world in the safe zones, well at least the first 2 levels could be anyway. I guess the codes allow you to play it from the pause/start menu instead so you don't have to play Homefront? @HDresdenLove your game rants. You seem to have similar experiences with games that I do in the sense that sometimes I'll play games that are so uncooperative they make me feel like they hate me. 😄
  14. Damn, Puppys, that's super impressive. I hit 420,000 GS just the other day...😤🤯🥴 Playin' Octopath Traveler at the moment and, for obvious reasons, was wondering what you thought. It feels like all those JRPGs I played on my Game Boy/SNES. Like, literally all of them. At once. 😄 Dude, that game is really weird. I've only played the base game, but, if I recall, I had a hard time getting it to launch the campaign after installing the beast. It wasn't until I found out I had to go into manage games and download a 10MB "Campaign" file that it finally let me play. Maybe the DLC has a similar thing going on? Try looking in "Manage game & Add-ons" to see if there are any updates or anything...
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