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  1. Use a good Machine Gun (Pacifier X is a good one) and do Control. Wait for Heavy Ammo to arrive, grab it and guard from a distance a control point. Then pick off players that way. When out of ammo, stay near the back of the map and if necessary hide as to not get killed as for every 1 kill = 5 points but 1 death = -2. Use Bladestrike so you can turn invisible and remain hidden from players.
  2. heyy mate, added you on xbl. (eski boi) for destiny stuff. i have three 34's

  3. Looking for some people to do everything from Vault of Glass to Higher level Prison of Elders. Im Lvl 33 Hunter and have another player at lvl 32. send me a message on live just saying Destiny and we'll get these done. This is a regular thing, not just a once only time as looking to farm them all. GT: sum1 superior
  4. Anyone online in the next 10-15mins who wants to do the Nightfall Strike? if so... Send me an FR. Sum1 Superior
  5. Stupid me really as I used the exotic bounty guide. Lol
  6. Can someone from Admin please remove this thread. If anyone else wants to know where it is... Its in a room just to the right of a Statue facing out to sea. Think the Exotic Bounty guide for this should state that as this ghost only appears for this bounty. Thanks
  7. Now I know the guide says find a Ghost... Which I have, all of them in Venus infact, no one is dropping one in the Shattered Coastline after 2 hours of killing everything and anything! I'm clueless as to what to do now! Really want the Pocket Infinity but now seems impossible.
  8. I'm doing a skull and Terminal run with a friend but noticed after collecting all skulls and terminals on the 1st 3 levels... no achievements are popping up and after starting the levels again, all the Skulls are still there! Aren't they ment to disappear after collection and pop the achievement up instantly? Don't need to complete the whole level do you? Didn't in the 360 Anniversary edition.
  9. As above. Looking for 2 people to do some strike missions for Strange Coins as none of my mates are online when i am. 11:30pm GMT tonight ill be online. Will run through as many times as people want! Lets get these Exotic weapons and armour bought guys!! GT sum1 superior Thanks
  10. in game and party chat both fuck up Every time... Every night on Titanfall.... We get sooo fed up we all bugger off and play either Trials/Forza or Ghosts!!! its definitely a Titanfall issue.
  11. The Warden kills can be done in co-op or single player, however in co-op the other player cannot damage the Warden what so ever. 1 hit and no one gets credit for the kill. Has to be killed completely by the person going for the achieve / challenge.
  12. Looking for 3 people to bash through all the achieves on this. Since i've owned this i haven't seen a single person online playing it! The plan is to get 3 people and between us all, organize regular boosting sessions on this till we all have all the achieves! Message me on xbl simply saying "Snipers Boosting" GT: sum1 superior Thanks People
  13. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.... Woman tells me to delay the Pod releases, on A it tells me to "Hold X to enter"... nothing happens! Countdown from 45 seconds then failed. Also, i have no camera, weapons or Watch selectable?? I've restarted checkpoint with no joy, dashboarded... yet nothing! Any ideas?
  14. Got 6 players for a lvl 30 boosting session tonight if anyones interested in joining, i have room for 2 more! http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?threadid=3475306&anchor=3497076#m3497076
  15. Im going to be hosting boosting sessions for this if anyones interested in signing up. Unfortunatly it is on T.A. Just finished 2 sessions, and have 1 more left this week. then i will be doing 3 more sessions next week. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=311477
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