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  1. I would vote but its been many years since I played it and so, idr how difficult it was. I'll have to play it again sometime and input my vote later. Like ME3, I wish id Software many years ago would come out with a ending extension. Or come out with a sequel to tie in the ending of the first game. Besides being able to purchase RAGE digitally on XB1 store. A Definitive Edition with all additional content upgraded to 4k res (for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio) would be great.
  2. "Far Harbour, contains the "largest landmass" ever created as DLC for a Bethesda game, said Howard." So bigger than Solstheim, Point Lookout, and Shivering Isles put together? Now that would be awesome!
  3. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Call-Duty-Black-Ops-Juggernog-PlayStation/dp/B0117Y1LBY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436479486&sr=8-1&keywords=Black+Ops+3+Juggernog+Edition]Amazon[/ame] has it for $199.99 USD. I haven't played a COD game for many years but I do like that fridge. Though the date is cutting in close with F4. So I dunno if I'll be getting this or I could but not play it til im done with F4.
  4. In response to your question on Deus Ex's article on the front page about a Collector's Edition:



  5. I had a similar problem w/ DA3 when purchasing the digital copy. The way I fixed it was doing a power cycle.
  6. I'll have to wait til Thursday, when my Premium CE arrives in the mail. But what race are the Wild Hunt? I've seen them in a trailer. The WH leaders armor, reminds me of Sauron! But his helmet reminds me of Jyggalag or Lord Marshal. I'm guessing they're immortal mages? Idk but I hope there are index in-game for me to read about.
  7. Hello all, While I was exploring the town of Crestwood, I noticed behind the locked house (that requires the perk), in a corner. A large chunk of cheese, some cards and a skeleton. Is this part of a quest or an easter egg? Thanks
  8. Idk about that but the other day I found a cheese shield. Its like a big round thick piece of cheese but a shield. Boy did I get a kick out of that.
  9. Thats good to read. Knowing me, I will end up veering off a quest, explore and do my own thing. Before I know it, I will have logged in 400 hours lol. Reminds me of Skyrim. Anyways, I'm looking forward to Witcher 3! Got my CE pre-ordered!
  10. 1. If not now, when? 2. Also, when are 4k res games coming out? 3. What games do you think would go well w/ 4k res?
  11. I don't know why Rebellion decided not to mass product physical disc copies for NA :francis:Were they not satisfied w/ Sniper 3 quarterly sales or did there PR team just screw up? As a 1TB (really 750GB) XB1 owner, I guess I can settle for the digital version. File size isn't too bad. Thank you. Time to kill undead zombies.
  12. I 2nd this. I bought the season pass when it was on that discounted sale way back. I wanna get my moneys worth lol.
  13. Not really bitching. I plan on buying the Remastered edition for XB1 much later after price reductions. But I have to ask, whats up with no new story based dlc for TPS? I want something like Pirates Booty or Dragon Keep. Also does anyone know if 2K Australia will add headhunter packs for TPS later on? I liked TK Baha's Bloody Harvest from BL2.
  14. Did they put a stop to arty players blowing themselves up? I see this happen near the end of a game (when my team actually wins). Players will position themselves either up against a solid house or rock and attempt to off themselves. Like day before yesterday, I was a ELC AMX scout and spotted a Hummel arty in Himmelsdorf. It was trying to commit suicide up against a house but nothing happened. Well til I destroyed its tank *evil laugh* haha.
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