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  1. Hey all, I cannot seem to run the exterminatus dlc when I select exterminatus from the live menu it tells me that I need to download content for this mode, so I press A to visit the market place and it indeed shows the exterminatus as 'locked' when following the promp to unlock (by pressing A) it tells me that I have already paid for this (despite being free) and may have downloaded before, it asks "would you like to download again", so I select yes, it downloads some 335.somthing mbs of data and when the download completes the cycle starts again, exterminatus is still locked, it still sends me to the market place to download, it STILL says I have already downloaded and it STILL asks if I want to download again??? WTF? EDIT- Problem fixed, had to delete all dlc content and download again. Cheers, Pseudo
  2. Will boost all online achievements, GT is pseudoidol.
  3. Still looking to boost all online achiveiments for this, add me anytime as I own this game and do not plan to sell it. GT is pseudoidol.
  4. Have finished this game, am mooving on, thanks to all who helped.
  5. CURSE ALL OF YOU! i've been at this game non stop for two weeks and still cant do Sewer Bat Extreme. I'm so screwed.
  6. As the title says, looking to boost all, add me and check my games, Ill boost any games I need MP achievements for.
  7. Still looking to score the MP achievments. Message me on X360A or online, but i'd suggest on here as i log onto here more than XBL.
  8. I still need to boost for Role Model, Employee of the Month, Download Complete and Strong Closer, will join any boosting party, ad me gt is pseudoidol EDIT - Now only need Download complete.
  9. I'll help ya boost AVP, add me, gtag is pseudoidol.

  10. @7 It does if your gamerzone is set to pro. If it is then, this has to atleast be your most shameful 100%.
  11. that sucks, level 20 was kinda difficult, not impossible but it took me a few trys.
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