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  1. i just bought it can i still get achievements for xbox or is it only for steam now
  2. Go to difficulty and Turn Brake Assist off that helps a ton before i just always miss it but then i fixed it and i got it 1st try going 218.
  3. when i need to look up a game for the forums/achievements guide etc i always just go into the search bar and type the game in to get there quickly. The problem is these days theres like multiple versions of the game (GTA, Evil with in, etc) and unless i know what the achievement title for the version i'm playing looks like half the time i end up picking the wrong game. It would be nice if at the end of the game it would just have a little label like (XB1) or (X360), or at the very least like a symbol so you can pick the right version. Thanks
  4. i had a similar issue back a while ago and R* support told me your shit out of luck and start a new game.... but eventually it did unblock for me i started the game up in sp took the vinewood tour/ watched a movie/ took a cab skipped the drive then went online messed around for a while held up a bunch of stores died a couple of times switched to a few sessions then got bounty on myself so i got bored (about 30/40 mins) so i just quick switched to franklin and as soon as i loaded up i got a phone call from Raul for the private fare (which was something else i was waiting forever for also) and when i went to my map the beverly missions was there as well
  5. i need most of the online achievements (ranks, numero uno,midnight club,backseat driver,decorated)
  6. Thanks for the app.ill give it a try sometimes when i use my phone browser the time is off so i end up sitting in the mothyards for no reason watching all the level 2 run on by. And you know the germans always make the good stuff:D
  7. Does anyone know if this game going to have the original "Tank Controls" or is it going to have like the modern RE 4/5/6 control system.
  8. im not great on defense but if you play against someone whose pass happy or seems to run the same kind of plays i usually do before each snap LT+ Pass, then Press Y +press coverage, * then press Y again and pick where you think they are gonna throw it Like over the top inside/outside etc. its not a great method but it keeps them in front of you and if you nail the play you have a good shot at a INT You can also press LT and guess run but only do that if your absolutely sure there gonna run (like its 3rd&1 or 4th & inches) otherwise they'll burn you on a wide open TD
  9. for the life of me i cant challenge any play, fumbles or pass that are close to out of bounds every time i pause to challenge its locked and goes theres nothing to challenge..... really
  10. 15 isn't that bad for me try using the spin move (b) on a guy or two instead of trying to just juke everyone. Honestly i have had more trouble with level 10 then 15 because of the stupid AI not blocking some people and i get tripped up the level 20 boss is kind of a pain because you have to complete a pass into those stupid squares but you have alot of time and if ur WR catches out of the box you get a free redo. 25 boss i only got to once cause i had one life left its got a bunch of people on the field and you have to get a TD
  11. Honestly EA could have just done it like some of the Arcade games on 360 where you can unlock achievements but they dont show up on your tag till you get the full version
  12. i haven't played madden since '12 but they used to have the players Win/loss DNF% so you can see if your going to be over your head or not.
  13. MGS:AC!D is the only game you need :D:D Seriously though story wise you only need to play mgs 3 and peacewalker before diving into ground zeroes and phantom pain... that being said you are gonna want to get MGS1 and MGS2 out of the way first because the controls have not aged well.
  14. The best is when the game gives you a button to catch up and by the time it loads they're like 600m away again..........
  15. i remember i was in the middle of doing the 40 fixer missions when i got a remote profiling message for the last convoy but i blew it off cause i only needed a couple more fixer missions and i didnt want to go across the map but then it disappeared and now i'm just sitting around waiting for it .....
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