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  1. Trying to find anyone who is willing to boost this game with me. Message me first so we can get a day set up to knock out these achievements GT: Destroyer675000
  2. is this for PC or the xbox cause i need the DLC for the PC
  3. Im looking to get all online that i do not have already and will be willing to help out whenever i can my GT is Destroyer675000
  4. I am still looking to do this so anyone willing to help me ill be willing to help in return
  5. I have Retirement Savings Plan finished and I am just looking to get the SSC achievements. I'll be online all today, just send me a message if you are interested. Edit: I have the online finished completely. Thanks to everyone that helped.
  6. I need the Barrels Achievement and also winning the SSC challenges too.
  7. Looking for people to boost with today for all SSC.
  8. looking to get all online achievements message me at GT Destroyer675000
  9. looking to do all online this weekend send me a FR and a message cause ill be on right now playing. Also have all dlc downloaded and need those too.
  10. I was just wondering if the developer meant "hints" as the items. Also i was just wondering, the people that have attempted this game what items did you not use cause it seems like the ones that are not listed could be part of the reason why it does not pop as well. Just my thought that is all.
  11. i was going to start a boosting match and i was wondering who wants in cause i need all gun kills, troll and dwarf kill, and sixteen others. Also, i would gladly help others out that would like it. replay or message me if interested so i can set up.
  12. Need help for online achievement any takers?
  13. I need all the online Achievements for GTA IV need help.
  14. The only achievement i need is "the don" any help is welcomed.
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