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  • Birthday 11/03/1992

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    Master Sieder
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    Dont get Along with Sony Fan-boys if i had a Sony it would have the internet but I wouldnt have PSN
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    Steam HAHA gaming computers in australia are not cheap
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    Gamer for fun not going to take shit from anyone I just wanna make friends and game online
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    NSW, Australia
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    Gaming why else would you be reading my profile on a gaming site lol
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    Jobless Wish I could make games for a living would so try to make an epic open world game next-gen

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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. 21/9/17 beta update brakes xbox anyone else having problems? I load the xbox loads up the home without my background then after 30 seconds it all goes black and everything is working beside the home but games keep crashing.
  3. normally that fixes stuff but this time it didn't for me but after a few hours it was okay again
  4. anyone have a problem with installed games with this newest beta update games on my portable hard drive give showing then disappearing and showing again its a pain in the ass and I want to throw my box out the window since the game I want to play it on there. but just wondering if I am the only person?
  5. April's Community Gaming Events.


    Game of the Month: Killer Instinct Community Challenge

    Game of the Week April 1-7: Conversation Avenue

    Game of the Week April 8-14: Multiplayer Mayhem

    Game of the Week April 15-22: Ryse

    Game of the Week April 23-30: Darksiders and Assassin's Creed Revelations



    The XBA AAA Game Giveaway: April (Mass Effect Andromeda)



  6. Hi Master Sieder!


    Here's a quick look at February's Community Gaming events.


    Game of the Month: Hitman

    Game of the Week Feb 1-7: Resident Evil 7

    Game of the Week Feb 8-14: Multiplayer Mayhem

    Game of the Week Feb 15-21: For Honor/Sniper Elite 4

    Game of the Week Feb 22-28: Monkey Island


    Participating in events puts you into the monthly draw to win a $50 Microsoft Gift Card :D

  7. I can't say how much I hate Xbox atm Man people think trump is bad Microsoft is 10000000000% times worse I remember once me and a whole lobby where being bullied by this one person none of us liked him and in the game we played in the mode we played most people knew each other so we found each other in matches all the time. I remember we all reported him and tired to have him stop joining our games but Microsoft simply said mute him and ignore him even tho he was always team killing so it was either stop playing the game or find a whole new game mode to play Microsoft did nothing to stop online bullying when I tired to bring it to there attention the threat was removed and I was giving a warning. Just tonight I was playing Siege and I keep getting killed as soon as I take 2 steps we finish up with the moving camera and when we go to move there is a guy waiting to kill us already. knowing Microsoft does nothing about bullying I messaged and told *stop being a fuck tard earn your kills like a man stop cheating" and I get a message from Xbox within 10 minutes. I know I said fuck tard because that's what he was but I am soo damn pissed off that a guy can bully a whole lobby and get away with it but when I tell of a cheater I get a warning. Microsoft needs to pull there fucking heads in
  8. Hey Master Sieder!


    I'd like to take a moment to show you what's available during this month's [Community Gaming]


    Game of the Month: Multiplayer Mayhem!

    Game of the Week Jan 2-8: Dead Rising Series

    Game of the Week Jan 9-15: If you were a game developer...

    Game of the Week Jan 16-22: Killer Instinct

    Game of the Week Jan 23-29: Rayman


    Participating in single player or multiplayer events puts you into the monthly draw to win a $50 Microsoft Gift Card :D

  9. Hey every just trying to find something out been trying for awhile but searching google shows nothing about it so it was time to ask the question myself instead of looking around the net. I noticed when going to make low level heavy armour for a friend that a level 1 iron chest had 282 points it seemed right to me it was level 1 armour but I noticed right up to level 22 it was rated at 282 by the time I get to Champion level 160 it is at 2420 which seems to have the same rating as level 150. Normally I would just think the game is weird and leave it at that but I noticed while on one of my noob accounts a level 1 iron chest was rated at 1460 and each and every level slowly raised the stats at level 150 the armour value is 2420 I seems it only jumped up 1040 points but still level 1 with armour rated at 1460 just for the chest is weird. Has anyone else noticed this with there accounts?
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