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  1. No need for the Elite Ranger ability or any aiming in the air. This can be done at level 1 at any time!
  2. Quick and easy guide to find all the member berries!!
  3. Decent video I made on how to obtain this one!!
  4. Easy way to pick this one up (or the easiest I found at least). Other methods seem too much luck based.
  5. This one definetly sucks...Either the titan gets executed, or blows up with the pilot in it, or the pilot cloaks on eject. Or I am too far away to line up a shot.....
  6. I am 5/10 for the achievement, definetly a pain in the ass to get this achievement.
  7. Alot of people also just hide at the end instead of going to the drop ship...to prevent people from getting this achievement...or at least thats what i've heard
  8. Wanting to see if embedding from SkyDrive works no idea how to do this
  9. I JUST got it...and started screaming! Its definetly all luck I think there were only 4 pilots left in the match. On the way to the evac took 2 pilots out that were ejecting. Then the 3rd one running to the ship and I guess i got the final shot on the evac ship, which is funny, because it was the last shot in my gun and had to reload!! WEeeeeeeeeeeeeee Glad that is over with...now just to get "pull harder"
  10. Hit me up I will be on all weekend playing.
  11. Just did this last night with my friend. I got in the tow truck and didnt move from Rim Jobs. I book marked the car on my map and he ran to get it (as in co-op you can see each others Bookmarks), and drove it back. Also you can go through Forgive and Forget if your wanted levels get too high...your co-op partner just has to go through it...and you just need to be close to it. So when we got 3 stars on the ambulance we would run to forgive and forget which is just down the road from the Suburbs Rim Job.
  12. Agree...do any of the showcase events on Hard...I found them to be no different in difficultt on easy, medium or hard mode.
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