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  1. Am i the only one who has this problem? I can't hear anybody in Voice Chat i see that they talk something but i cant hear them (i have no Communication Bann as i checked the enforcer Xbox page) when my gf plays she hears everybody in the VC. But she uses the same Game settings as me, i mean sometimes its better not to hear them but sometimes it would be good :/ Somebody got a tip or hint? Or even maybe the same problem?
  2. I finally done it! I went on with Daily and weekly challenges (even when they got extremly boring!)! if they were done i did the Level i posted a Video from! in my opinion the Charakter at 1.000.000 wasn't worth it! but the Points was worth it But thanks for your advises
  3. For me its not for free :/ 9,99 and i even got the XboxOne Version and i am gold :/
  4. Hey guys, do you have any tips for the 1 Million Lums? Daylis gettin boring so i started to do the Mariachi madness( like in this video) level over and over again! But do you have any other tips for me?
  5. i simply dont understand why Microsoft changed it, on the xbox360 its working very fine and on the ONE the new console it simply sucks to Co-Op..
  6. Okay thank you all! Hope they bring some games otherwise, one of us needs to play it again :b
  7. Hey Guys, I wanted to Play Coop Games with my gf, we both got a live Profil and we both signed into the xbox, on the top we saw both our pics (that we are logged in) and i asigned the Profils to the Controllers. But the only one who gets the achievements is Player 1? We tried a few Games but at every Game only Player 1 got them? i dont know what i do wrong :/ we tried some Games like - Chariot - Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - Just Dance 2015 (Okay in JD i understand it) - IDARB - Worms Battlegrounds Someone got tips or hints for me? Isn't it possible to Play coop and both get the achievements?
  8. Looking for a Partner to do the 3 Hours Co-op would be cool if you start a new Game that i could get some Money and a few challenges done! Add me GT: Pain_Immortal
  9. Whitechapel - The Saw Is The Law
  10. Okay found a way, i just drove the car and if the timer shows 4 seconds jump out, it takes a bit longer but so i got it, if somebody has the same problem
  11. Hey guys, i got the game now also for xbox360 and ive got a problem, everytime i start the Comet Fireball event, it goes up to 5 seconds and crashes Game + Xbox Somebody got the same issue? What can i do? Its my last challenge for the achievement :/
  12. The Deadline - The Gaia Corporation
  13. No order - Stormrise (Xbox 360) - Turok - CoD Black Ops 2 - CoD Ghosts - Pure
  14. 1. Monster Hunters Freedom / 2 2. Resident Evil Outbreak 1 / 2 3. Conker live and reloaded 4. Fire Emblem 5. Final Fantasy X
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