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  1. I've noticed a lot of people don't have many positive things to say about RB4 to the point of anger. While I do understand say frustrations over the shortages of band bundles and the adapter, stuff like the set list complaints, lack of online features, etc seem petty considering I don't think people realise how much trouble Harmonix went to to do stuff like being able to use DLC from previous games and be able to play with (mostly) previous gen instruments, that can't have been an easy feat for Harmonix and I wish people who complain would realise that. Plus the fact that Harmonix are gonna support RB4 in the long run and promise content updates (I've heard the December update might patch in some form of online multiplayer) are people just mad over nothing?
  2. I think it's obvious which buddy you are talking about and it would not surprise me. And also I've not used emblems so far and I've logged about 90 hours of playtime so far
  3. Right now I'm taking a break from the main story missions (Last main mission I did was Extraordinary) so I can try and develop as much eqipment as I can and build up Mother Base. One thing I need to know is will I still be able to play the game once I finish the story or is there a point of no return before the last main mission.
  4. Oh, I thought it came out in the US today...and wait what, Europe is getting it before the US!?!?!...seriously?
  5. I'm surprised to see no thread for this game at all, especially considering Adventure Time has quite an adult fanbase. Granted I get the game ain't exactly a major release but still I'm looking forward to it, especially considering it's being made by WayForward (who made the 3DS AT game and Ducktales Remastered). Anyone here who has it, how is it, I'm not expecting AAA quality but is it at least enjoyable, will an AT fan really get a lot out of it?
  6. Will I get all the DLC released for it. I'd rather have a digital copy and all that. I just want to know if I'll miss anything out by buying the game from the On Demand store and all that
  7. Think about it, Rock Band has had some DLC taken off due to the licenses for them expiring, yet pretty much all the DLC available for GH as far as I am aware is still up even though the games stopped being made a long time ago. Did Activision/Neversoft license the DLC songs for a long time or are they just too lazy to take them down since no one really plays GH anymore that much these days
  8. I've reached a certain point in the game where I have to talk to Emma and after I do the game freezes shortly after. I've tried transfering the game to a memory stick but that doesn't solve anything. I only just got this game yesterday and the last thing I want is to not be able to finish it because the game decides to crap out on me. Has anyone else had this problem too?
  9. Okay so with Harmonix recently announcing that the next Rock Band game will be an Arcade/PSN release and not require the use of instrument controllers. I got to thinking about Guitar Hero and what if Activision decided to bring back the franchise like that. I mean considering both GH and RB ripped each other off I would not be surprised if at some point Activision announced the GH eqivilent of RB Blitz
  10. http://www.rockbandaide.com/15602/proposed-rbn-kickstarter-campaign-to-pursue-major-label-artists/ Gotta say I love this idea...and if he wants Weird Al on RB then I'm all for it!
  11. http://www.rockbandaide.com/15630/temporary-dlc-outage-starting-april-1st-on-select-consoles-regions/ I really, really hope this is just an elaborate April Fools joke by Harmonix
  12. Okay so recently I accidently wiped all my save games meaning my ME2 save is gone and I had to restart ME3 without my ME3 Shepard By doing so what do I lose out gameplay wise and storywise by starting a new game from ME3
  13. What's wrong with Freddie Prinze Jr in the game, at least he's an actor and not some gaming website employee obviously shoehorned into the game to gain "favors" from EA/Bioware
  14. It surprises me that iJustine has not been in a video game considering her popularity...even if it's more hatred due to the whole "she gives female gamers a bad rep" thing about her
  15. So thanks to all the fanboy raging (and some douchebag spoiling it for me on Twitter) I've had ME3 spoiled and I've not even finished yet
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