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  1. I'm in Aus now and will be moving to Canada way after 3 months so should be ok to change it now? I'm concerned about losing access to content when I change regions later though.
  2. I've moved to Australia and will move to Canada later this year. I'm currently using my UK account but should I migrate it to Australia and then Canada or should I keep it British? Noticed I am unable to download Gears of War on the Games for Gold because my IP is not in the UK anymore so starting to run into issues. Cheers
  3. Burburnator88 is a star! Give him an add and he'll help you find Jenkins super fast. Even reset his router to sort out our connection issues.
  4. Trevalev - Trevalev - BST/GMT - Headset(Yes) - Salvador I have season pass, I'm level 36 and just finished the story for Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty. Not done any of the raid bosses so looking to do Terramorphous the Invincible and all the others in the DLCs.
  5. Anyone still playing for this club, I'm up for some games.
  6. Thanks to MrANiesle for the help who got me my last few very quickly!
  7. Anyone want to do the campaign co-op on legendary tonight? I've done the first couple of missions already. GT = Trevalev
  8. Anyone up for doing all the co-op missions tonight? GT: Trevalev
  9. anyone want to do co-op on legendary? got the next few nights free to do it. same gamertag as this username.
  10. Let me know if there are any other games you wanna get online achievements for and I'll help you out.

    (Unless it's the wife using LOVEFILM lol)

  11. Already added got 2 controllers so including you we need 3 more.
  12. Cool, I might be around then not sure yet though.
  13. Tried to add you II Mortis II but it said invalid gamertag. Want to try this tonight, are xDante1986, Mortis Eklundh around?
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