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  1. idk how many hours but gears 3 to get 3.0
  2. i have all but 1 achievement get level 100 i am level 85 and i looked at an exp chart to find out that i am less than halfway to level 100
  3. find out what our suggested GamerTag was? you know before we changed it into what we wanted
  4. i stick with male unless there is some bonus for being a female
  5. the ones i need Red Dead Redemption 40gp left Slow on the draw 10gp Get 10 assists in a single hideout in a public free roam The quick and everyone else 20gp Be the top scoring player in any 3 consecutive FFA game in public matches Most wanted 10gp Become a public enemy for 10 mins and escape alive in a public free roam session Dlc outlaws to the end 40gp left Struck gold 10gp need gold in the river The mother lode 20gp need to beat the river advanced Dodge this 10gp need gold in the river advanced Dlc liars and cheats 25gp left Pa-pa-pa-poker ace 10gp Compulsive liar 10gp Put the posse on a pedestal 5gp like i said a lot
  6. i need help with a lot of them lol so just add me GT striderlgns
  7. I got these achievements a WHILE back i used a modded item and 2 controllers to do it just made an account on my xbox for the 2nd controller (xbox not xbox live) started the game with the character saved and hosted a private game with this new profile (the level of the enemies are based on the host's level) and killed the enemies with my real character
  8. 360 Alan Wake Assassin’s Creed Assassin’s Creed 2 Assassin’s Creed brotherhood Assassin’s Creed revelations Batman Arkham Asylum Bayonetta Blue Dragon Borderlands GOTY (had) Condemned 2 Bloodshot Deadriders Dead Rising 2 Devil may Cry 4 Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Dragon Age 2 Elder Scrolls Oblivion GOTY Enchanted arms Enslaved odyssey to the west Fable 2 Fable 3 Fallout 3 Fallout new vegas Fear Fear Files Fear 2 Forza 2 Gears of war Gears of war 2 Gears of war 3 Ghost Recon Advanced Warsfighter Halo 3 L.A. Noire Left 4 dead Leisure suit larry Lost odyssey Magnacarta 2 Marvel ultimate alliance Mass effect 2 MorphX Mortal Kombat Ninety Nine Nights Red Dead Redemption (and Undead Nightmare) Perfect Dark Zero Sega Superstar Tennis Splinter Cell Double Agent Star Ocean the Last Hope Tales Of Vesperia The Last Remnant Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Wet XBOX Live Arcade Compilation ( Boom Boom Rockets, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pacman:CE, & Uno)
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