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  1. NP, also noticed some minor things on the list. Castle Crashers has one different achievement in each version and it doesn't have cross-achievements but does have cross-saves. Note for Dark Souls: -GFWL patch broke Xbox Live connectivity, must be played offline and then sign in to a different GFWL game to sync achievements.
  2. Stacks are any games that are near identical. Gears of War (Xbox 360), Gears of War (GFWL), Gears of War (Xbox One) and (Windows 10) are all the same game that can be stacked for more achievements. You run through the same campaign and multiplayer is pretty much the same. Adding on, the German version of Wanted has five less achievements. Other than that you do the same exact things you would do for the 100% of the western or Japanese version. German version of Dead Space 2 lacks the DLC all together. Wordament has differences on some platforms.
  3. Didn't even know Prey did that, I completely missed it. It's probably their way if being able to discontinue the modes later and get less people to whine about completions.
  4. GTAV has discontinued the save migration feature. Happy Wars is now discontinued and the 360 version shuts down in December 2018. Destiny 1 Castle Crashers World of Tanks AirMech Arena Maybe Diablo 3?
  5. I'm in the Insider beta but I'm having a hard time finding the option for having it so people can know that my avatar identifies as otherkin. So much for being inclusive.
  6. Yeah, Challenges have seen a small resurgence. Like I previously said, they added a shitload of them to Forza and they keep adding them. So I stopped caring. I also stopped caring about Gears 4 at the start of this year and now they decide to add Challenges to that too. You might as well, they're quick and get you skins if you want those.
  7. My original Day One had the faulty drive problem a few months after I got it. No issues with my Scorpio.
  8. It super samples down, so you still get a visual benefit without having a super expensive TV. Load times will also be better, it's not just about a visual upgrade.
  9. Forza keeps throwing out a batch of four like every two weeks. ESO puts up 2-3 for each new expansion. State of Decay still doing their one a month. EA games for Early Access trials.
  10. He was talking about this: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Microsoft-Store/achievements When you pre-ordered the One directly from the Xbox 360. This is the one you were talking about: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Xbox-One/achievements It's not a challenge achievement either as it could still be unlocked all the way up until 2016 as long as you got a code.
  11. I stumbled upon this because of the season pass sale but I think the DLC for the English version of Resident Evil 7 works for the Japanese "Grotesque Ver." too. I'm currently on the US store and it says for games supported, the Japanese one with all the kanji. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Edit: On the store it says it works but in-game the DLC won't show up. Only the pre-order shotgun DLC from one version works for both. Credit to BigNev44.
  12. All trials will unlock achievements. Some games like Dead or Alive 5 you can unlock all the achievements with just the trial.
  13. Wii U version never came out and it wasn't released on 360 due to the XBLA file size constraints at the time.
  14. Indie devs are massive cucks? Sony has no quality control?
  15. Xbox Insider Hub is still there for me and bootable if that what you're talking about. Did you maybe opt out of the program by mistake? Were you voting on stuff and participating? They said they would remove preview members that weren't properly assisting in the program.
  16. Could be only for retail games the servers still work. Fun Labs was digital only.
  17. I don't play sports/wrestling games and the information on achievement/trophy sites regarding them is usually non-existent. So I only report what achievements are broken when people tell me. I'm not gonna do a guessing game of what can and cant still be unlocked. Blitz could be down. Last achiever is back in April. Try at least every day at different times for a week or so and let me know if you sill had no success. It appears back in March. The bright side about procrastinating is that we get to procrastinate indefinitely now.
  18. Tony Hawk HD leaving the Steam store on the 17th, may also happen to console versions: News - Weeklong Deal - Tony Hawkâ Buy the game and its DLC now if you want it. Transformers might also be at risk as its on sale on Steam too but no article so who knows. No DLC achievements and they can all be found on disc though. Just a heads up for anyone that wants the convenience of digital.
  19. While nice in theory, I would rather have them work on features that aren't just limited to the user. I know the 360 showcase you're talking about and it was cool but only you could see it. Even if they added the ability for others to see I don't know what that would really do, people can already check your achievements and typically if you have high GS you probably have a bunch of completions. External third party sites already show your completions in just a couple clicks and are more detailed than whatever update the Xbox staff could put out without sacrificing doing better things.
  20. These are from Windows Central for future releases: Fable Fortune Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
  21. They skipped the games I actually play/bought and then add a shit load to Forza. I was 10th on the TrueAchievements leaderboard then with the first batch of those I dropped a slot and then a month later dropped another spot. I mad.
  22. It appears the first one is still doable as some people got it after the shutdown. So I started doing a major update, had been sleeping on a bunch of games I knew were broken. Added a bunch, still have a bunch more to go. Lesson here, never play major sports titles or obscure indies. Or remaster/game of the year editions. Or free to play games. Basically never play anything ever.
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