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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. From the time I have put into single player I noticed they seem to dissapear when one of the follwing happens: It gets blown up, sunk in water, you die by flying through windshield, & getting it back out of impound and not saving it in a garage before you "lose" it again As to the original topic... Suggestion of something that may have been overlooked, but did you go to the travel tab and scroll the page down with the right thumbstick. Some people I met online didn't know this. If you have, then I am not sure why it won't show.
  3. So I started what I believe is the last mission where you have to blow up a wall and defend the soldier. While fighting off zombies, one apparently fell through the ground under the map. I couldn't kill him and my fellow gun men were just shooting constantly at the ground. Because of this I couldn't finish the mission and eventually I left the area to make it fail so I could try again. Now here is the problem... This was over 2 days ago real time and many hours in game of doing stupid side missions waiting for it to become available again and it hasn't. I have no warnings in the upper left corner of infestations/etc, no missing survivors and plenty of supplies/food. Any suggestions??
  4. The lack of demolition derby is a huge disappointment. It was easily one of the best modes for online racing and was a just plain great way to relax and have a blast with buddies and random people, and no I don't play it just to wreck, I actually enjoy it for the challenge of trying to avoid all the wrecking. The last few times I played Grid that was easily the most played mode with multiple filled lobbies unlike other forms of racing, so it would seem others agree. Once I found that t won't return in Grid 2 I immediately canceled my pre-order. Yes, I would have payed just to be able to play more derby online (not Showdown). With over 800 races of DD on Grid 1, it would have been worth it IMO.
  5. All pre-order content is already available on the marketplace. That is great for people who missed out on something and can now still get it Also, There goes the resale value for ebayers
  6. Series 1: Everything but the color variants (gold/silver/etc) Series 2: Giants - Bouncer, Leg. Bouncer, Crusher, Tree Rex, Swarm; New figs - Chill, Sprocket, Pop Fizz, Fright Rider, ShroomBoom, Jet Vac, Leg. Jet Vac; Light Core - Drobot, Eruptor, Prism Break; reposed - Leg. Slam Bam, Ignitor, Leg. Ignitor, Sonic Boom, Flameslinger, Hex, Whirlwind, Stump Smash, Zook, Chop Chop, Cynder, Trigger Happy I think I have an addiction
  7. It is already out. MS released it a day early
  8. They should be added in an upcoming patch. As far as picking a car number and colors for that number, that is for the position ticker, track map and results screen. You still have add the number to the car manually.
  9. I had my save disappear after my first 4 hours play. Finished painting a car, and when I tried to save the paint scheme it popped up "insufficient memory, please select a different device". I had 50+ gb available . So I left without saving, and played some more. Multiple times the autosave logo appeared with no more errors. Turned the game off, came back later and it was all gone
  10. You still around here man? Happy Birthday!

  11. The one you are missing is the "Drachen Armor". It was available as a pre-order bonus from Amazon.com. Not sure if anyone else offered it or not. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101018162317/assassinscreed/images/thumb/1/1f/Amazon.jpg/175px-Amazon.jpg
  12. Left 4 Dead 2's servers are not very good IMO. I too have had problems with connecting and super bad lag in this game online. Every other game I play runs near perfect online with excellent connection and rarely any lag. I am in the states, as well as a couple friends I know who also have the same problem. I love this game, but never play it anymore due to the horrible connections.
  13. It is a glitch that can happen if someone revives you the exact instant you spawn. I have had this happen twice before as well as a couple of my friends, so you are not alone. Usually hitting start and suiciding works to fix it, but not always.
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