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  1. If you find yourself low on health at a save you can just quit and reload to get full health, saves calling in the shop.
  2. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  3. For the circles of slaughter I'd highly recommend doing them as soon as you can and as low level as possible as host and set to competition so you can recruit high level help and walk it, also don't forget there is an easy mode setting in the game options. It's not super hard solo but SlaughterStar 3000 can take nearly 2 hours. If you have a transformer shied use it for that.
  4. It's pretty much guaranteed drop. I've seen one every time I've farmed that spot, if you use a cryo weapon it ummmmm ... find out for yourself
  5. Looking for a level 50... well doesn't actually need to be 50 as long as it has 3 skills and not 2 Bloodletter COM for Moze with but mag and weapon damage stats. I have more or less everything else in the game and just can't catch a break on the roll for this when it drops.
  6. Looking for a level 50 Double Penetrating Gratifying Laser-Sploder
  7. Looking for a First Aid Re-Charger shield above level 40.
  8. If it's the first door you open after you enter the house, just crouch.
  9. For The Martyrs collectable, the bridge won't necessarily be named the same as the one mentioned in the guide and may not be exactly the same as the screenshot but it will be on the village side of what ever bridge it is you cross from Lud into the village.
  10. Got fully loaded with a character who had 45 slots, popped when I got the one in the clap trap DLC EDIT: Got Sneaky little buggers by getting one midget. One in deep fathoms, they seemed to have moved the chest so if following the old video guides for location, I got it in the chest opposite the 'midget haters suck' sign
  11. Just a note on the fishing and any thing else that you can reset the awards for, you can only do it up to level 10 in that challenge after that you can no longer reset it. One other one you can work at while doing other stuff is gathering herbs, there is a challenge for selling 100 to a doctor, takes no time at all to get 100 and reset the challenge but again you are limited to doing this 10 times. Same XP as for the dynamite fishing.
  12. GTA was a grind but at least it was fun with a pals. This just has no fun to it what so ever. What little there is to do in free roam gets old fast which is why can't really blame the griefers for their shit. Horse races are total bullshit with how easily you can be taken off your horse and the respawn time and placement I decided I'd just double xbox it and grind XP from the fort mercer story mission and gave up after a couple of hours and level 33. Just not worth my time an effort. You just know when they add more content they'll probably add more achievements too.
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