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  1. Do the bundles come with a download code or physical disc? I want to get one of the bundles but already have a digital copy of the game. I want to give away the bundle game and am not interested in the other bundle games.
  2. Until this gets fixed, I made a third switch outside that will straight power the door so at least i don't get locked out. Once the door is open, I can go inside and turn the logic gate on inside and 'fix' the door.
  3. For some reason, when I turn off the pass through conduit, it also turns the logic gate off. Even a NOT gate does not work. It's not a logic problem, the power to the logic gate itself is glitching. I made a mock up right next to it using two switched power pylons and it works just fine.
  4. Anyone with logic gate experience able to program my door opener? I have 1 switch inside and 1 switch outside, I want to open or close the door when either switch is flipped. XNOR should have worked but I think there is an issue with the conduit connection. I will try again later.
  5. Looking for flawless raider. I am experienced in both raids. GT: Shinobi273
  6. Anyone use the Windows 8 Smart Glass? It never connects at all.
  7. So I saw the announcement on the front page on xbox one. $100 seems ridiculous considering amazon has essentially the same thing on bluray for $89.86 and free shipping. Granted, the retail price for the thing is $139.99. Anyone picking this up? Is it worth having a digital copy? I have DVD collections of the two trilogies. Please no comments about original cut. Yes, all that is available is the horrible recut. It is pretty much a given that everyone with the VHS or laserdisc originals kept it for that very reason.
  8. am a member and not on leaderboards and my gamecard is way out of date and cant veu any games played

  9. This is a great feature. Being able to manage all my characters using my laptop is huge. I have been building identical load outs across all three characters so they could just drop in to raid without any need to transfer at the tower.
  10. Parental controls on another account on your box. If it detects and auto signs in your kids or kid siblings etc, their social restrictions get applied even if they aren't playing. It's such a specific possibility it probably isn't the issue but one of my friends experiences that with his son around and it is annoying.
  11. Could be parental restrictions on another account on your box.
  12. Seriously, shotguns are so ridiculous in pve. If they applied the same damage health difference to pvp where it may take up to 3 shots to down another player using a shotgun, I'm certain no one would use it as well. Shotguns are a huge risk with major range limitations and no benefit. They also can't be used against bosses since their melee attack will just kill you. Nothing can or should fix that but there should be some reason for players to keep shotguns and hopefully 1 shoting majors or at least advanced normal enemies can make up for that.
  13. I also confirm multiple on every character. Just do the Eris bounties and you will get it eventually. I wouldn't waste time running Fist of Crota just to farm this. Also, Fist of Crota is like Bungie's gift to bounty farming.
  14. Does Bungie actually own any other IP? I'm not sure if they own Halo anymore. Please forgive my ignorance the last non-Lego game I bought was XCOM Enemy Within (amazing game).
  15. I bless you with 3 sunbreakers next week!
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