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  1. good thing this is kinda of in the past.. I remember always having compatability problems with AOL installed on my PC.. it was a Memory horder.. LOL..
  2. Did anyone went for this deal? I think it still good for 2 more weeks.. I have Sprint but the idea of getting a new Windows Phone (WP7) thru Verizon Wireless is rather tempting..
  3. I need to get me a new cell phone ASAP. My current one is about to kick the bucket.. Other then the normal stores, is there another place to get a quality smart phone for FREE? even if it comes with a contract am ok with that..
  4. I know most of you dont play or ever played Juice2 before.. But, does anyone have any idea why it shows that there is 79 achievements for it including some repeat ones when in reality there are only 60 total..???
  5. I been a fan of this site for months but i finally created an account a week or so ago.. I love shooting games or tactical types the most.. Gears of War 1&2 but for sure can't wait for GOW3 to be out.. I did the Beta and that game blow my mind literally.. LOL... Also play LostPlanet2 and Reach.. Racing games are cool too for me.. Used to play Juiced2 a lot, but my fav now is BLUR.. Unfortunately I dont play as much as I like, due to work and family and stuff, but I will get on my XBOX every time I get a chance for sure..
  6. I love chatting on XBOX Live.. but dont always use my head set.. I love typing, so I dont mind.. but depending on whats going.. I use my headset every now and then specially when am working on achievements with someone else..
  7. Not sure what the problem is for some,, but i got it months ago after i played online in a ranked match.. But in the last few games, i have not seen it again.. Now that is weird..
  8. I was sooo freaking close to get it.. got up to 47mil.. and lost my concentration.. did it when it was very late in the night too so that didnt help, was too tired already.. Snow Widow Online Career - World Class League Corvett - All Stage 3mods Will Try it Again this Weekend..
  9. Np patches out yet from what i can tell.. Every now and then there is updates like last week,, but none of them fix the duplicated achievements listed in the bottom.. But regardless,, it is working well for me with less freezzing and I have not had any problems with my current achievements..
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