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    My name is Anna. I'm 25, married. Mother of one (puppy).
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    Windows Phone 7, Mighty Muggs, Hello Kitty, Xbox 360, my puppy, guide writing, iPhone
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  1. 100K 200K 300K 400K 500K and now... http://r67.cooltext.com/rendered/cooltext1790935015.gif I felt instead of writing something new, we could take a look back at Matt's previous milestones. Check 'em out! Besides his Gamerscore, he has over 2,600 games with at least one achievement unlocked, and an achievement streak of over 900 days! Congrats!
  2. Your mixture of Pokemon and nature makes me think you should do Pikmin photos, but I looked on eBay and the only thing they sell are some rare Club Nintendo ones that are like $200-$400 for the set. Very cool work, compelled me to sign in and say keep it up!
  3. At least you didn't have to go up to 67 like me
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181360803545?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One/Xbox 360 Combo Digital Download. You get both versions of the game and can switch back and forth at will. $39.99 Free Shipping
  5. 67 titles and 300 ranked victories did it for me. Thanks forcheering me on Lav! 1150/1150 finally! I’ve had three rank up matches to Rank 9 where I havefailed, but have a fourth opportunity waiting for me tonight. This will be mynext task in KI. Plus Fulgore, Challenges, and pin collecting so I’m not doneyet
  6. Toys R Us and Target are running deals this week through Saturday: TRU - $10 Gift Card with purchase Target - $10 Gift Card with purchase of game and Party Size Cheetos. The Target deal seems worse, but if you pre-ordered the game, you also got a $5 gift card on top of the $10. Plus 5% with RED Card. Unfortuneately, TARGET SOLD MY PRE-ORDER, and are now sold out on X1. I mean, what's the point in pre-ordering a game if they don't hold it for me? I have another on hold at a different store now but the debacle has me thinking twice if I really need this game that bad.
  7. Yeah I'm at 66, about 25 wins away from 300 ranked wins. Luckily, I've been really enjoying ranked and got up to Rank 8 after hovering around 5 forever. If it doesn't unlock at 67, then I'll work on Survival. About 300 wins away from the next one Survival level.
  8. I hope this magically works with Fulgore still. I got all mine pretty consistently around 120. I think my lowest was 119 and highest was128; they all fell really close to each other. General titles on the other hand...I’m at 65 an no achievement yet. 66th and 67th titles are realistically in my sights (75 more ranked wins or 50 more Exhibition wins) but ideally they’d just patch it.
  9. I'm at 64, I've had to resort to leaving my Xbox on to get to 65 and 2500 practice minutes. Really hope it unlocks then =[
  10. I think it's because they give preference to those with similiar ranks. Since the patch I haven't played a single person more than 1 rank above or below me, but mostly people the exact same rank as me. This leads to problems for people who are rank 20,30,40, etc., as they are searching for matches forever. Not very fair to them in my opinion, and as a lower rank you don't get the practice/experience of playing the occasional higher rank. I felt the matchmaking was fair before. You mostly got people around your rank but sometimes got someone really high up there.
  11. Others are reporting the same thing so I don't think anyone is suspicious of you being a rage quitter.
  12. I’d be cool with that, assuming his exclusivity to the DayOne 12-month cards expires and we can buy him or he comes free withCombo/Ultra/Pin Ultimate editions.
  13. Sounds like a trailer is to be released tommorow and more info to follow during a livestream, and then his releases on Friday. Double Helix has stated that there has been "no delay" so they're technically right if he does indeed release on Friday. I have a feeling it's going to be pushed a week or two, but I suspect we'll know for sure after the livestream.
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