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  1. They show with their original timestamps, but any missions you replayed show with that timestamp. I replayed the first mission to try and pop one, so I've got that time on it, they're out of order boo
  2. There was no announcement of achievements, they came out 24 hours after the DLC and EA hyped it a while back as being tied into The Last Jedi... I don't think we're at fault!
  3. I'm guessing it doesn't have any achievements, but has it come out yet on Xbox? Did it come out last week with the patch? Info about this first DLC on Xbox is scarce.
  4. Lol I did complain in another thread, I guess you're referring to me? It should have been fixed from the start and they haven't even acknowledged what a mess it was in. The patch notes only refer to fixing the class ranks, nothing about achievements or the campaign. Has anybody had their broken campaign achievements pop? I guess for the early 'complete campaign on hard' and the early codex entries achievements, we'll have to wait and see if any new players encounter those glitches again.
  5. No no no, it took them 12 days to fix it! Timing unfortunate for me cos I'm practically done now. I've just got the rank 1 with each class and rank 2 scout left, so when I get on tonight they'll pop. My list is a mess, all out of order. Worst set of glitches I've seen, I will remember this!
  6. There are MP codex entries, they seem ripe for DLC achievements!
  7. The Guiding Bess codex entry for getting through the forest without alerting anyone... The enemy icons can turn fully red as long as you kill them before they alert anyone else. I got to the last enemy... the icon turned fully red but I killed him, and because he was the last enemy, there was nobody around to alert... but the "everyone's alerted" music started and it voided it.
  8. I had a look at my BF4 achievements and remembered they were glitchy too. There were the three for doing each of the endings, and then one for doing all three. The one for all three didn't pop when I did the third one, so I had to replay the last level a fourth time. Also, the acheivements for completing the campaign on normal and easy during my normal playthrough unlocked at the end of the penultimate level. So there's a bit of a precedent for it!
  9. Ok thanks for the tip. I'm almost glad now that those two of them glitched on me
  10. Oh just noticed that one of the codex entries in the first mission, Tank Shock, is for getting all field manuals. So I guess every mission has a codex entry for getting the field manuals. So who knows what challenges refer to, yeah, what a weird system they have here!
  11. Mopping up in campaign looks to be a... pain. As I say, nobody's done a guide where they get every collectible/challenge etc etc in one run. Apparently, if you die or restart from checkpoint, it could glitch the codex entries. So you're gonna have to load up a video for the field manuals, and videos for each of the codex entries and try and do them all at once without dying or missing anything!
  12. Yeah Scotty, both of those acheivements are glitched. The Friends in High Places one unlocked for me while I was playing The Runner, and the Avanti Savoia one unlocked about 5 minutes into Avanti Savoia. I'm a bit confused as to why there's no video guides doing all the field manuals and codex entries together, it's gonna be hard to use two videos at the same time. I'm a bit confused as to why there's no video guides doing all the field manuals and codex entries together, it's gonna be hard to use two videos at the same time. A question... what is the difference between challenges and codex entries? I'm guessing challenges include getting the field manuals and completing the codex entries. There is no mention of challenges in the game.
  13. I am now rank 1 on all of the four classes. The Enlistment achievements have gone up to 50%... ... but the progress for Decorated is totally screwed up. Basically, it went: Rank 1 Assault, up to 25% Rank 1 Support, stayed at 25% Rank 1 Medic, up to 50% Rank 1 Scout, down to 25% So I should be on 100% for Decorated but I am on 25%!
  14. Here's a summary of all the glitched achievements:
  15. I've finished the campaign. Did the prologue and the first story on normal, the second to fifth on hard... then I went back and did the first story and then the prologue on hard, then the sixth on hard... And the hard and normal difficulty achievements popped correctly at the start of the credits. I'm not sure the prologue counts towards the difficulty achievements, cos it doesn't have the difficulty icons in the menu like the other stories do. So what glitched on me during the campaign... third story, the codex entries achievement for it popped right near the start... and during the fifth story, the codex entries achievement for the second story popped. So two glitched in the campaign for me. The progress bars have been up and down the whole time... when I was about to finish the campaign, I checked them and hard difficulty was on about 75% and normal difficulty had gone down to 25%. What a mess!
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