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  1. I just got it: I'd be surprised if the people mentioned in this thread unlocked it legitimately. Especially with a balanced team's slow RB. No vid, no did.
  2. It is done. I stopped at exactly 40k at around 11:45pm last night. I could have squeaked out a little more but I thought an even 40k in 24 hours was perfect. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. I've heard that MP achievements will auto pop if I have them on the 360 version? Can't find any specific info. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
  4. I don't see any normal threads in this form so I apologize if I'm not supposed to post here like this. I'm organizing a personal gamerscore challenge to see how much I can earn in a single day. I'll be starting just after midnight and trying to marathon it for as long as I can in that 24 hour period. I'm putting a lot of planning into this and I probably won't start until next month. I'm currently acquiring a lot of those easy games and even practicing them on dummy accounts so there's no learning curve on the day of. What I'm looking for now, though, are suggestions for games that offer a chunk of gamerscore in a short amount of time. It's not something that I need to be able to complete in an hour or two, but ideally something I can quickly get some achievements worth maybe a few hundred gamerscore. These games will have to be completable. Ideally without a crazy time investment. I won't play any games that have unobtainable achievements and I'd rather not use anything that's going to take a major time investment to finish. I just want the quick gamerscore on that day and then will plan on going back and completing all of these games down the line. I guess I'm envisioning games like Volgarr the Viking where you can get five or six 50 point achievements right from the start in about 10 minutes if you know what you're doing. But it could even be something that I would have to play through for several hours in advance to get to a point that I could hammer out a chunk of gamerscore quickly. I'm open for any suggestions along these lines. Thanks.
  5. This game will currently take you 50+ hours of mindless grinding to complete. The chrome dragon is found on level 100 of the dungeons per 10tons, and it takes about 20 minutes to get through each level. I contacted 10tons directly asking where the chrome dragon was and this was the response: http://i.imgur.com/za7k1ZH.jpg
  6. Same issue. All I can think to do is delete my save data and collect everything again. My book is complete but the achievement tracker shows 95%. Did you find a solution?
  7. I have two painted items and am yet to get a certified item. I'm just trying to finish achievements. I'll trade you both my painted items for a certified item with reasonable requirements and I'll even give it back to you when I'm done. Thanks.
  8. I've been playing since august 3, 2015. It took me until November 30 (118 days) to get the achievement for completing 100 daily quests and I completed every one I was given. There was an issue during the first few months where players would not get a daily reset each day, so that's what caused me to not be able to get 100 done by the 100th day. It's been 422 days since I earned that achievemet and the Questing Legend achievement will not pop for me. I've completed my daily quests every day or two (occasionally have let them build up to three) and I've definitely never missed one. I have no idea how many the game believes I've completed but based on simple facts, I should be past 500. My only option is to keep playing and hope that it pops for me eventually. Which sucks.
  9. That one is glitched for me also. The online works and there are people playing. I'm trying to get all the pick ups to see if it'll pop. I haven't seen a purple slime blower yet.
  10. A year and a half later, it is now backwards compatible. No idea if this could possibly affect the glitched achievements.
  11. I voted 9. I only consider a few games/achievements to be 10s- the hardest of the hardest stuff like the True Tyrant in Deathsmiles. Sticking points for this game: You need to clear 100k lines in a completely dead online multiplayer. Requires a boosting partner and will take ~75 hours depending on how fast you can go. You need to complete 15k Tetrises and 3k T-spins, which should come as you work towards 100k online lines. You need to clear sprint mode in under 60 seconds. Takes a lot of practice. . You need to do a 20 combo. Requires some luck and some skill. You could try for weeks and never get it. Here's mine (shows the combo, not the setup which took a few minutes): You need to complete co-op marathon, which wasn't that hard for me but can be troublesome. Everything else should be fairly easy.
  12. Definitely 100+ hours. You're looking at about 75 hours (give or take) to grind out 100k lines in online play, plus you also need a 20 combo and sub-60 second sprint in addition to everything else. I have completed the game FWIW.
  13. So you expect to buy the base game and be able to play the same content as everyone else who has kept up with the new paid content? Get real. Go play Minecraft.
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