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  1. Looking for people to do the team achievements (i.e. 5 onyx guards kill a boss) Message me for invite, need at least 1 more to do them. (All DLCs) GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3 (0's are zeros)
  2. I need about that many online matches too. I can usually do about 10-20 in a sitting. I'll send you a FR and we can get some done whenever I see you on. Fastest way is to do Forever Four over and over, but i don't care what missions we do I generally enjoy this game. Haha GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3
  3. I'm tired of trying to beat this mission solo... It's just not gonna happen. None of my friends ever bought the game and/or won't rent it. Let me know if anyone would be available to help me finish this mission. GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3 (0's are zeros)
  4. The traits are mostly self explanatory except for a few... Hero Hit Points = Health Hero Damage = Damage Hero Speed = Movement Speed Hero Cast Rate = Repairing, Summoning, and Reloading(?) Speed Tower Health = Tower Hit Points Tower Damage = Tower Damage Tower Area of Effect = The Range of your towers and traps. Also the size of auras. Tower Cast Rate = Tower Attack Speed I'm not sure about the reloading part but I've only been playing for two days or so and this is what I've generally gathered about the stats. Hope this helped!
  5. I don't mean to be rude, and I completely understand your frustration, but if you wanna 200 this game you have to get each class to 70 anyway. Didn't know if you knew...
  6. As the title reads I'm looking for 3 people to play through Act 2-3 (Levels 5-12) Hoping to get this completed tonight, would even be open to playing through every level tonight as long as we have a group that wants to. Add your name to the list and I'll invite when it's full. - Sh4d0w 0f Hat3 - - -
  7. I just want to start by saying thanks for the guide it's looking good Just something i noticed that I figured I would help out with, Your roadmap says "time to 1000" and it's only an arcade game. Might want to change that This should definitely be stickied too.
  8. Anyone doing any Arcade Insane or just Arcade 4 players groups hit me up I'd be willing to help out. GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3
  9. Doing Insane horde 1-50 with Super Active and Insta-gib (will let someone else host if they have Unlimited ammo) Send me a FR or MSG for invites GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3
  10. Gonna start up a group right now for Insane beast mode. Never tried it but if we have 5 people with good cooperation skills and microphones it shouldn't be difficult. Send me a FR for an invite. GT: Sh4d0w 0f Hat3 (0's are zeros) EDIT: Terry beat me to it. 1. TerryAdam 2. Sh4d0w 0f Hat3 3. 4. 5.
  11. Ahh... that's what I was worried about... That's gonna suck for that medal then, oh well. Thanks dude
  12. So the only medal I haven't found an easy way to boost yet, is the Untouchable ribbons. I tried loading up a game with me and a bot in CTL and i didn't get one. I tried loading up a game with my friend and me against two bots and we won he stayed back whole game (as leader) and he didn't get the medal... Only successful way I've found is online legit, and quite frankly without a great 5 man team and a semi-amateur oposing team, it's just not possible. I've gotten 1 medal and I've been playing CTL for the past couple days. :uzi:In short, need way to boost Untouchable ribbons in CTL.
  13. That makes sense thanks for the replies. I'll definitely be using that thread in the future too Quid.
  14. I remember trying to get this in the Beta and came to the conclusion it was thoroughly impossible. Anybody know any ways to unlock this ribbon?
  15. You could always plug in a second controller (regular, guitar, drums) anything works and just leave it sitting there... That counts as a human player
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