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    Halo, Gears, Shooters, Sports. I will love to play and co-op on anything!
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    Graphic Designer

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  1. How do you get the right to make a guide on this website?

  2. can you please change 'Anderw' to 'Andruw' on the poll on the Top 9 disappointments of the MLB season thread.I missed spelled Andruw Jones name for some reason...thanks

  3. i erm submitted an achievement guide for SBK-superbike 08 and dont have an award, but i know you guys have A LOT to deal with so yeah also can you sticky this thread? only if you think necessary-http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=92725

  4. can you sticky a thread for me?




    theres the link im a ea mod and carry the achievement for 25g check the thread for proof

  5. hey ive made a achievement guide here for summer athletics but im not sure how to add the achievement pictures to the guide sorry if this is in a post already hope you can help

  6. where'd you pick up the name Souljah?, i live in Newcastle in Australia and theres a Graffity Duo that do realy good pieces and they call themselfs 'Dice & Soulja'

  7. Hi, this thread is getting a bit out of hand and now that there is an official social club thread opened, perhaps we should lock this one?



  8. youre probably better off looking on a medical-related site, rather than an xbox site. try webmd or just google "flu prevention". not that hard.
  9. yep. focus on the impaling ones OR the barrel ones OR the parries. and then once one unlocks, focus on the next. the throwing off edges and grapple kills can all be done in the squid battle. i parried as much as possible at the beginning and had 200 well before the squid battle.
  10. fair enough. we call it a difference in taste in movies. regardless though, i hope the game is scary and/or fun. but, movies-turned-games do not have a very nice track record... i guess we will see in time...
  11. and all of this is coming from the guy who has the new rambo movie in his avatar and sig... now THAT is a good movie. im just playin, but yeah... new rambo? better story than saw? not quite. and yes. you are right. i would probably classify hostel under torture porn before saw. much, much closer to it.
  12. exactly. i was very hesitant to watch the first couple, but was dragged along by a friend... now i anxiously await each new part of the story/series. every year, on halloween. and for someone who enjoys horror/thriller movies, finding a good storyline is nearly impossible, but saw delivers.
  13. yeah. hopefully no one is THAT dumb... oh wait... http://nikon.bungie.org/images/0809070001uk6.jpg "it hurts too much, mommy. i can't finish it."
  14. ohhh ok. well, its been a while but i think you have to purchase a higher grade of fence--one with a gate option. of course, i could be wrong. it may just be more like a wall. i never used fencing when i played the game... i just always had a pinata orgy all over my garden. it worked out though--i got my achievements and thats what matters.
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