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  1. Thanks all. I just ordered the blue and pink from amazon with the insurance that Amazon will refund me if there's anything funny with them! Now all I need is the red...and green...and maybe the silver...and that dragon one looks cool too...
  2. So...I'm trying to find some cool controllers for my Xbox...ya know they have pink, and blue, and red, and so one...ya know some interesting colors for me to have and hang onto. Unfortunately Microsoft has discontinued these colors in favor of....these new chrome models. They're pretty awful looking. So i decided to check amazon to see if I can order them new and there's a few sellers but a lot of people in the comment section are reporting they're not an official Microsoft product...and at $140 a controller a piece I'd want the real deal. So does anyone know where I can possibly find my controllers? Any specific site I can order from? I've checked Gamestop and I've only found them used and most of they're buttons don't even click when I held them, so that's why I'd prefer to buy new. I'm willing to spend the money, if I know what I'm exactly getting. So any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, CB
  3. Already did...someone made it 112 steps...and a few in the 50's...so I guess not.
  4. So I know I'm very late to this one, but I'm about to finish the game and am trying to figure out if the final stage of Babel was ever fixed in the American version of the game? I'm only seeing old posts online from 2011, so wanted an update? Thanks in advanced! CB
  5. Yeah this game is cake....that is if you like cake filled with rat poison and lava! Seriously hardest game ever...
  6. This is so weird I thought I was going nuts about this! At least I don't feel like a total nut job now...this game really messes with your head man...
  7. All of these opinions have for the most part made me very emotionally upset, so I'm just going to abandon this thread. Not because they're the opinions of others, but there's this overtone of "if you disagree, you are less legitimate of a person". I may just give up forums all together because this isn't fun anymore. We're not conversing, just seeing who can yell louder.
  8. No I just want the convenience of having everything on one system. I don't exactly have the shelf space for two, so to keep switching between the two with hookups and wires is a hassle for me. I'm not going to ditch it, but I just want this transition a bit easier. It seems like I'm the only one who actually would like to be able to play my 360 games on the new system, so oh well.
  9. YES LIVE IS HUGE...and microsoft started it...it's the one of the few things I think sony did terribly terribly wrong. I just idk, think that's being blinded by like fanboyism (not saying your a fan boy, but I'm just confused). Like if someone told me that the Wii or Wii U is great for gaming I'd be like "oh, honey..." So let's define what a successful console is?
  10. No I have those games already on hard disk, but I would like a digital version for the next gen if I was sure I'd get to keep them on it.
  11. They started online gaming and made a beautiful shooter. That's it. The N64 and PS1 though we're massively popular. Numbers are kinda meaningless when you think about the cultural impact of a console. We still talk about the good old days of ps1/ps2/n64/snes/arcade games. We really don't say that about the Xbox or Dreamcast.
  12. Come on it was CRUSHED by the PS2 in every way possible...they like stopped producing Xboxes like 4 months after the 360 game out
  13. I unfortunately didn't buy anything because I'm unsure if these digital downloads will play on the new xbox
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