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  1. GT: MoshFish Call of Duty: World War II would be fantastic, please.
  2. I've died four times; one on purpose, and three accidental. Firstly, I was out exploring with Maya when I ran into my first Feral. I tried to run, and needless to say it did not end well. It was a shame, as I was taking a liking to her. Good thing I replaced her with a new tough-girl survivor. Secondly, I used a survivor named Brody to try and help the Wilkersons defend against some hordes and a few Juggernauts. That was my first run in with a Juggernaut, so I was not prepared for it, having used all my ammo on the hordes. Brody was sorely missed. After not taking any risks for ages to stop my people from dropping like flies, I then used a survivor whose name I don't even remember to get the 'blow yourself up' cheevie. She managed to take out an entire infestation, but obviously died in the process. She was not missed at all. Finally, I was using my head Chef Ismael to go and rescue a survivor from the housing area in the south-west-ish area of Marshall. Just a routine mission, until I was attacked by two hordes from front and rear, and then Swat zombies and ferals came pouring out of the houses on either side of the road. I used roughly six medication and gosh knows how many stamina items, but once my pipe broke there was nothing I could do. Good thing I had a thermite in my inventory anyway, or it would have been a bigger loss than it already was.
  3. I think I am looking forward to having another community member tag along more than anything. I wonder if you'll be able to switch to them while you are out exploring. Anything to let me take multiple resources home at once.
  4. From memory,all you find out at that point is that the Army has vacated the area. The army dudes will move into a nearby warehouse and you'll get some new neighbours. There are still a few more army missions, though, so I think you will still find out some more. (That area around those new neighbours, the fairgrounds, is glorious for some heavy guns. Though all the weapons are randomized, I think everyone has found good guns up there.)
  5. sent a request to get the darksiders 2 achievement dude. hope it's cool

  6. Sign me up as looking to get Pay it Forward. Funny that for such a popular (and pretty good) game, none of my XBL friends have played it. I can buy anything, and I don't mind scouring for certain things, if anybody wants them. I am online most days. Edit: Okay, cool. I got swamped with friend requests, so I've got this one. Thanks to everyone that added me.
  7. Ha, thanks, yeah. I got it as soon as I posted. I figured I'd leave my post as a shame on myself.
  8. Bah, of course as I ask I figure it out. In the room nearby with the two elevators, there is another panel hidden far to the top-right, which allows access to a few treasure chests.
  9. I've just been looking around for some easter eggs or hidden areas, as you do,and I've found a suspicious voidwalker panel. It is on level B1 of The Nook (the Bheithir fight area). Anyone know what this is for? The map makes it look as if the two areas off to the sides are accessible, but no searches of my own have found anything about getting there.
  10. Oh, that is interesting. I should really get around to reading that. Nonetheless, I'd love a big scythe as a secondary weapon. Just for the epicness of it.
  11. I was thinking back to Darksiders I and how War had a Scythe, that was apparently Death's. I guess that explains why he has two small ones, but I would really like a secondary weapon that is a big, two handed scythe.
  12. I would have liked them to be a bit more 'awesome looking'. And perhaps harder to find, like the ten (or was it eight) pieces from the first game. The horns are great, though.
  13. Samael was the only true boss to give me any trouble, though The Deposed King's freezing mace caught me off guard. I will have to disagree that each boss fight was unique. For the most part, they were just wait for them to attack (usually getting stuck in the ground or otherwise staying still a bit) so you just hack away at them. The Wailing Host, in particular, was disappointing, simply because there was nothing special about it. The Guardian battle was fun, but too short. I would have loved to keep taking parts of him off. And, as another though, being able to replay the boss fights would be great. Going back to the areas and having them scaled to your level.
  14. I have found numerous Possessed weapons, mainly scythes, and that make my games so easy. As soon as I got my first set, I just fed them everything I had spare, and made them so powerful I could never find anything better. Once it came time to upgrade (to another set of Possessed Scythes), the previous set provided an instant level-up. Basically, they were good but perhaps either overpowered, or I accidentally made them far too powerful. Not complaining, just a thought.
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