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  1. Great guide. One thing to note is the timing between selecting the records and einstein at the last part is crucial, if it's too slow then you won't cause biff to be near the roulette table.
  2. I recommend that you don't play this game on a tv screen that is smaller than 32" due to the fact that you will strain your eyes. I initially played this using a tv with a 21" screen and struggled to read the screen. I finished the game using a tv with a 32" screen which made it a lot easier for comparing the characters. This is a good guide, thanks for all the work, I still think it would be a lot better if you placed the number of the choice next to each line of text (like Sangriaz does). Thanks for the guide.
  3. thanks for the guide it was very helpful.
  4. It took me a bit longer than most people because I made a mistake on my first playthrough, then had a visitor talking to me on my second playthrough and stuffed up again on my third playthrough. after taking a break I tried again an our or so later and it took about 40 minutes. I played the game with an alternate account and took about 43 minutes including stuffing up the first playthrough again.
  5. thanks for the guide, another completion for me. it took me a bit longer than 7 hours but I did go out for a meal about 3/4 through playing it. It was a great guide.
  6. what would make it easier in relation to the choices that have to be made would be to put a (1) or (2) before the japanese text so that people can easily see which item they have to select. This is what sangriaz does to make it easier and to save having to correctly identify the japanese script.
  7. I have now finished the game. Thanks for the guide and thanks NekroRocker for the list of endings chart.
  8. thanks for that, I was struggling to work out which ending I was missing.
  9. I have the following 5 achievements left and aren't sure which playthrough hasn't worked properly. http://im2.trueachievements.com/imagestore/0001436900/1436911.jpg 梢とChu☆Chu! http://im4.trueachievements.com/imagestore/0000303800/303893.jpg ポジティブ人間ふたたび http://im3.trueachievements.com/imagestore/0001436900/1436912.jpg 妄想トリガーでChu☆Chuした21 http://im1.trueachievements.com/imagestore/0000303800/303890.jpg Chu☆Chu100% http://im8.trueachievements.com/imagestore/0000303800/303887.jpg 完璧主義者 I have 7/8 for endings, 98/99 for tips (I need tip number 84) and 91% completion. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  10. thanks for this. great guide I got it done in about an hour
  11. I'm stuck with 3 endings not working, I did have 7 out of 8 but couldn't figure out which one it was so I deleted my save file and I have the ending I couldn't originally get. I'm getting sick of seeing the same ending regardless what story route I take. Is it just me or are some of the trigger points not working?
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