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  1. So I recently just moved to a new place and was trying to set up my xboxes to the wireless but for some reason neither xbox will connect to the router. Both show up with the same error saying I'm using the wrong password but I used the same password for my phone and tablet and they connected without issues. My laptop won't connect either but everyone else in the house can connect just fine, even our other xbox downstairs. Has anyone had this problem before? Kinda pisses me off that I have to run ethernets through the house to my room to use my consoles and laptop.
  2. Anyone know if the auction house is still up?
  3. No I haven't downloaded that pack but sounds like that may be the problem looking at the name of the event. Thanks a lot man!
  4. I need to finish a few more events for Bucket list but one of those events is grayed out and says i need to purchase it from the marketplace. I have the cars available for the event but for some reason i dont have the track. How is that possible?
  5. Are there still people online? When I try to even go into Quick Match, all it says is that it can't find a server. It does this with all game types.
  6. Mine must be glitched. The first infusion that you get in Memorial Gardens with the buildings surrounding the fountain. Video says you're supposed to go into the building that you need to lockpick. In the video you can access the lockpick but in my game you can't, there is a gate over the door so I can't get in. Is there another area I need to go to first or is this glitched?
  7. Looking to do online free roam challenges, GT: Bobblehead Jay
  8. Not sure how many people still play this but I need all MP, GT: Bobblehead Jay
  9. Anyone know how I can use the wired xbox controller to play Dirt on the computer? I have it set up to work and can navigate the menus in the game with the controller but when I get into a race nothing works on the controller and I have to use the keyboard to race. Anyone know if the controller even works in game or did I just waste money on buying a wired controller?
  10. Need help with all online achievements. Gamertag: Bobblehead Jay
  11. Im not understanding how to use the eye dropper. I've used everything else but when I switch to the eye dropper and try to use it, it automatically switches to the last brush I used.
  12. How can it be considered cheating when they print strategy guides for their games to cover that purpose?
  13. What's the difference between this thread and... http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=7096
  14. Been playing some Forzan Horizon. Really like the open world but the mechanics feel a little more like arcade racing than simulation.
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