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  1. Pyramid Head should have only been present in Silent Hill 2 because Pyramid was exclusively a manifestation of James' unfulfilled desire for punishment created by Silent Hill specifically for him. On the topic at hand, Pyramid Head is not in Downpour. Whereas Homecoming referred to him as the Bogeyman, there is another Bogeyman in this game that takes an appearance similar to the Order members of Homecoming, but large and more powerful.
  2. I left the sixth slot open as personal preference. It's not really the best idea, you lose quite a bit of damage that way, but when I filled the slot with Dana in Generation 2 I was back to finishing the majority of fights in one move. I picked a random number, I believe I chose somewhere around 100-150VIT on each of them.
  3. The beach event for Generation 1 is on the Alegria Coastline map node, and the last Free Intention for that generation ought to be in the same place immediately afterwards. The beach event gives Secret Album 09, 13, 29, 37 and 39.
  4. Ah, sweet. Thanks. Didn't know about the last Hot Spring event.
  5. There is one Beach and one Hot Springs event in each generation of Zero, but the achievements did not unlock during the ones in the first generation so I assume they do in the second. They did not unlock for the Hot Spring events in my Digest generations either.
  6. Came across perfectly fine. It's always good to learn and fix mistakes! I just got back into Generation 2 for the third time, had to restart twice. Hopefully I'll have more to add soon.
  7. Really? That's odd, I had made 500 separate purchases when mine clicked. Thank you though, I'll update my post!
  8. Absolutely. I'm hoping Aksys begins work on Localizing Agarest 2 soon, as I'm sure I'll be done with Zero in no time.
  9. Want to maximize your DLC effectiveness without spending more than you need to? Hopefully this list will help show you what you're buying, or in-game alternatives so you need not buy the pack from the Marketplace. Keep in mind that the majority of this DLC is available already in the game. Items tagged with [Italics] are available at the listed location. If you have an item location not listed, please feel free to post. Additional Costume 1: 400msp / $5 -Another costume for female companions available through Free Intention. Chaos War Pack - 160msp / $2 -Rage Blaster (Sword, Light Element) -Vajra Rod (Spear, Earth Element) -Altis Rod (Staff, No Element) -99 Magnum (Gun, No Element) -Epsilon Ring (Accessory) Daily Life Extension Pack - 160msp / $2 -Carrot Sword (Sword, Earth Element) -Super Scallion (Dagger, No Element) -Lollipop Stick (Staff, Wind Element) -Classic Kettle (Breaker, Fire Element) -Pot Lid (Armor) -Kaopectate (Accessory) Dream Oracle Pack - 80msp / $1 -2 Damascus[Guild] -2 Meteoric Iron[Guild] -2 Generation Crystal[Guild] -2 Lapis Noster[Guild] -Shiny Fang -Whispered Dream Extra Dungeon 1 - 80msp / $1 Dungeon available in Generation 1 after purchase. Unlocked via an unmissable event in Pere Copia towards the end of the Generation. Items and enemies obtained in the dungeon are not exclusive to the dungeon. Extra Dungeon 2 - 80msp / $1 Dungeon available in Generation 2 after purchase. Fallen Angel Pack - 80msp / $1 -Black Frame (Armor) -Black Bustier (Monster Armor) -Angel Halo (Accessory) -Angel Wing (Accessory) Healing and Defense Pack - 80msp / $1 -2 Marfile Seed[Guild] -2 Vessel of Life -1 Revive (Skill) -1 Dryad's Soul -1 Requiem Bracelet (Armor) Healing Hand Pack - 80msp / $1 -3 Magic Herb -2 Cure Grass -2 Stone of Life -Resurrect (Skill) -Moonlight Flower[Overkill Drop from Miesha] -Lucky Charm Impregnable Defenses Pack 1 - 80msp / $1 -Extra Frame (Armor) -Chaos Frame (Armor) -Heaven's End (Armor) -E. O. M.(Armor) Legendary Goods Pack - 80msp / $1 -2 Divine Branch[Guild] -2 Unicorn Horn[Guild] -2 Moon Fragment[Guild] -2 Magic Crystal Chip[Guild] -Seed of Happiness -Bracelet of Feicui (Armor) [Equipped on Apli by Default] No Underestimated Pack - 160msp / $2 -Chickapede Alert (Spear, No Element) -Man Fist (Knuckle, No Element) -Drying Typhoon (Gun, Wind Element) -Paw Booties (Armor) -Gaspode (Accessory) Point Addition Pack 1 - 80msp / $1 -5000 G -250 EP -50 PP -150 TP Point Addition Pack 2 - 80msp / $1 -50,000 G -5000 EP -150 PP -350 TP PP Addition Pack 1 - 640msp / $8 -5000 PP Rear-Echelon Support Pack 1 - 80msp / $1 -Railgun[Guild] -Divine Guard (Armor) -Crystal Bracelet (Armor) -Dark Bracelet (Armor) -Bracelet of Light (Armor) Shriveled Chicken Pack - 80msp / $1 -Rusty Sword (Sword, No Element) -Rusty Bracelet (Armor) -Rusty Ring (Accessory) -Funky Chicken (Armor) -Chicken Ring (Accessory) Status Boost Pack - 80msp / $1 -2 STR Up -2 VIT Up -2 AGI Up -2 INT Up -2 LUK Up -2 Max. HP Up Status Boost Pack 2 - 80msp / $1 -2 STR Up+ -2 VIT Up+ -2 AGI Up+ -2 INT Up+ -2 LUK Up+ -Max. HP Up+ Subordinate's Present Pack - 80msp / $1 -Flame Element[Guild] -Ice Element[Guild] -Thunder Element[Guild] -Wind Element[Guild] -Earth Element[Guild] -Darkness Element[Guild] -Light Element[Guild] TP Addition Pack - 480msp / $6 -20,000 TP -2500 PP Zero Starter Pack - 80msp / $1 -3 Grass[Shop] -3 Soothing Grass -2 Fragments of Life[Shop] -1 Heal (Skill) -1 Revitalize (Skill) -1 Capture (Skill)
  10. Stay Classy, Kraltarla - Proof of Valor can also be obtained by overkilling bosses, at least in Digest. I have more than I'll need to use from doing so. Nirvana...? - Forbidden Tome 1 is located in Generation 2. While in the Loger Forest, North quest area, it can be found on the Esprille node. Fleet of Foot - With import data, you can immediately save, boost all of a character's stats to 50+ to unlock the achievement, and then re-load. The achievements should very easily occur naturally though, mine all did so in Generation 1. It's a Trap! / Monstrous / The Combine - The easiest time I had with this was using Mimel; her weapons and natural slots easily allow her to use both Capture and Merciful Strike extremely early in the game. Head into any early area, use Merciful Strike to throw your enemies down to 1hp, and there you go. Further in the game you can equip more of the needed skills on other party members to speed things up. Certified Pre-Owned / Til You Drop / You're En Good Hance - The achievements for selling, buying, and enhancing respectively. These are extremely easy, but I'd advise only going for them at the end of the game. They will either mostly or completely unlock through natural gameplay, especially if you're actively researching skills, smithing, or going for titles. If you're impatient and wish to unlock them early, there is an extremely easy but time consuming method posted by Ray5555; I'll explain it in more detail. Buy Spata (or any other 100g item in the shop), then enhance the weapons one level at a time up until pre-conversion, and sell them. Each 99 Spatas means 99 purchases, 99 sales and 396 enhances. This means it takes slightly over five sets of 99 to unlock Til You Drop, slightly more than ten sets for Certified Pre-Owned, and more than twelve and a half sets to unlock You're En Good Hance. It takes quite a bit of time, so I'd advise starting very late in the game when you won't have much to do. -- Most other achievements should unlock through natural gameplay. When I learn more, I'll add to the thread if by then nothing else has been posted. If, by the time I have completed True End + Digest + All Other Content, this guide has not been completed, I'll likely start to compile a more detailed one. General Gameplay Tips: -Decide on your main team early. On Extra mode especially, the game can throw some tricky difficulty spikes at you, especially during Generation 2. Picking up characters that are lower level than your main team later on can weaken your team, and so can deciding mid-game to switch out a character you've already leveled up. My primary team for Generation 1 was Sieghart+Galios+Eugene+Alice+Cal, adding Dana in Generation 2 (obviously using Leon in Sieg's place). -Use PP wisely. Spamming PP on Sieg won't help you when you switch to Leonis and don't receive a Tome until 1/3 of the way through the generation. As well, buffing Int on Galios is unwise. If you imported, it may be a bright idea to use your PP to buff an obvious statistic. Putting a few hundred PP into Eugene and Galios' Vit can make the difference between them having 3500HP or 10,000HP at Lv40, but do it early; the higher your Vit is, the more HP you gain per level. -Don't overspecialize. Have your team using weapons and skills of different elements. If you reach a boss or enemy that matches the one element your team uses, you'll heal them while they're murdering you. -Cannon fodder isn't the worst idea. I typically keep one very low HP/Def character on my team at all times, with half of my team carrying Resurrect and my inventory fully stocked with revival items. Each time that weak ally dies, you can easily revive them, and their death gives you more SP. This means overkilling bosses like they're a joke.
  11. They have added more DLC, totaling at 22 packs. I'm somewhat disappointed, though; most of the ones we get for 80pts, or 1 dollar, were released in Japan for free.
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