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  1. Anybody up for letting me slaughter their people in the castle for the Crime Spree achievement? I'll give you gold and some legendary weapons.
  2. Truer words have never been spoken sir.
  3. Missions, killing, and more killing. I just explored a lot and found oodles of side missions.
  4. Big shout out to Mikey Mud for helping me out with all the weapons. Once we get done I'll make a list of the 26 I had before him and see what I can do to give back.
  5. You absolutely can. That is after you beat hardcore the first time since that's how you earn the majestic weapon. But yeah if you wanted to play hardcore with the foam finger, definitely can.
  6. Anybody have solid RPG/Adventure game recommendations? So far some of my favorite ones are Fable, Borderlands, Batman, Darksiders, Oblivion, Dead Island, Assassins Creed, Red Dead, Rage, Dantes Inferno, Prince of Persia, etc. Thoughts? I've toyed with the idea of fallout 3, but I've heard lots of mixed reviews on it.
  7. Definitely up for this! I hope there are multiple gaming sessions for it just since I've goofy hours at work. But I love it, and I can put some voices/personality to the screen names.
  8. I would love it. Hands down. They can imply it all they want, I'm going to hope for a throw back to BL1 to it until it releases.
  9. I feel like there should be a minimum post requirement for asking for guns. It's just disheartening to see 3 or 8 total posts with an absurd list of weapons. Buuuuut, I might have some of those for you guys. I'll be back after I check out my inventory.
  10. This list still rolling? I'd love to get a quick gander at it, I only need 19 of them. It's not really worth listing here and now but I'll get a list.
  11. I can lend them to you! It'd be swell if you'd lend me a Queens suit and the womens masquerade suit.
  12. Anybody will to part with the Queens Outfit and Women's Masquerade Suit for a few minutes? I have all other clothing items if you need them.
  13. Defintely worth picking up the 3rd one. I'm surprised its free, it is a pretty solid game other than it being semi-short. But maybe I just ran though it too quick. If you have gold, go pick up Fable 3. You will love it.
  14. It just seems like such a shame that no pass is included for any company. I just figured that they would want to promote games on demand as there is no re-sale value on it, so a win win for the producer.
  15. I'll keep an out for you tomorrow I need all those two. I'm pretty impressed to still see people playing the game.
  16. I'm pretty excites either way if they are paying homage to Zombie Island. I'll probably drag my feet and wait till it is on sale a month or two after release. I've got enough toys to keep me busy, especially with a free game every two weeks to gold members.
  17. I'm pretty excited since I've never had the chance to play it on pc. Even better.
  18. Took the exact words out of my mouth. Not horrendous but could have spent have more time on a new engine and actual gameplay. Meh.
  19. Excellent work. I came here for the same answers. Appreciate the help gents.
  20. Interesting to know. I was always a wee bit curious. Thank Sgt.Fuzzy for at least hunting to see if there was a previous thread about it. One cookie for you sir.
  21. I would looove that. Of course reasonably priced, but more BL2 the better.
  22. Awesome wolverine find xxJustin. Not the best but not the worst, I like to switch up the avatar once in a while.
  23. Boom. Pretty problem solved. But in reality it was one of the few games I actually found my AI teammates helpful. Like I would sprint to cover and the AI would shamelessly follow me without being shot at and they would actually do some of the heavy lifting. Refreshing.
  24. Call me crazy but I was never a fan of steelbooks. Don't get me wrong I love shiny things and all but not enough to pay out some extra benjamins for it.
  25. I am tempted to do a second playthrough just to be THAT guy to everybody.
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