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  1. are you connected to Xbox Live? You must be online for X1 achievements to pop.
  2. Achievements are buggy. Got all Gnomes and that didn't pop till halfway through the credits. Beat the game and didn't get the achievement for beating the game.
  3. My red/blue team won't fight. They just stand there.
  4. I did Clean Hands and choked out a bunch - but never got the helmet. So might be bugged or random. Did you confirm the clockwork helmet thing? I thought you got it by doing a drop attack?
  5. The Lovers seems bugged. Didn't work with the wall of light in Mission 2 for me. Didn't work in Mission 5 either where the guy is shot in the chair. Also this may need to be updated since NG+ is out and you can get both characters' powers on run #2
  6. I was under the impression that pulling the lever "notifies him" that you're there. Did you actually do this and get an achievement pop?
  7. damn that's a lot of paintings. I swear there were only like 12 in the first game.
  8. I'm wondering if there is a settled upon point in the game where you can create a save to branch later from low to high chaos.
  9. Ah "CoD: grenades at war" - the only COD I ever started but did not beat.
  10. slowly making my way through this game finally after almost 2 years.... it freaks me out
  11. I thought you got the Finishing Touch ending right when you put in the last piece, but that's not the case. You don't get it until the end credits.
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