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  1. When you do the disc change on the elevator starting chapter 7, it serves as a checkpoint because if you die, rather than starting over, it puts you back to the beginning of disc 2. If you turn your xbox off however, you will lose all progress because it didn't technically save anything. It's really just a matter of what the game can load up due to the disc in the system. Make sense?
  2. I was wondering why it felt like you were reading my mind, and then I noticed your gamertag! haha (sup Kal) Anyway, has anyone else noticed that the Gnasher seems to work a lot better when aiming higher that you would in Gears 2? In Gears 2 you normally tried to aim in the groin-belly region, but in this beta I've noticed I get a lot more gib kills when aiming in the Upper Abdomen and Pectoral areas. Is it just me? or has anyone else found this also? In other words, instead of aiming at the same level where your screen is centered when you spawn, aiming up a bit before shooting?
  3. My only issue with balance currently is the Sawed off. I know alot of people don't seem aggrivated by it right now, but imagine how terrible it's going to be in a game without respawns?! E-Gads! A lot of times in gears, it may feel like you're getting the short end of the stick, but when you play more you just realize you just haven't polished your skills enough yet. The skill gap in this game has a very nice range, and (barring the P2P games) the fact that there is no lag makes it feel all the more natural. Still, there will be some people that just don't enjoy gears. And I get that. You may just be one of those people.
  4. I know this probably won't help but, have you installed Bulletstorm to your HDD? If you have, try deleting it. If you haven't, try installing it. I've found that the Retro seems to work more efficiently by firing at an opponents legs, due to the bullets kicking up as you shoot. Any time I aim at the chest area (the normal area to aim at in gears), it seems to miss a lot more than when I aim at their lower body.
  5. I have both of the weapons you are looking for. What can you offer in return?

  6. I don't have the game so call me out if I'm wrong but, is it possible that the reason is resets when you replay a chapter is so that you can earn the bonus score for completing a "new" skillshot? Ex.. In the demo the first time you earned a "Voodoo" you received 500 points, however every "Voodoo" after you received the first one, you only received 100 points.
  7. No, it's not patched. Try doing what the poster above me stated. Off topic; Your gamertag is awesome! I love original stuff like that.
  8. http://www.evilcontrollers.com/products/modded-controllers/button-relocation/nomad.html Just thought I'd post it.
  9. Try unlocking the dogs killstreak first. After calling in your dogs let them work for about 20 seconds then call in your chopper. Any jerk that tries to shoot you down will get a nice suprize!
  10. GT - CRAPYKAUH I'm going online right now (7 EST) so if anyone wants to join and attempt to get some of the tourney achievements you are all welcome to join. Bring mods if you got em'! anything to speed up the process! I'm going to attempt to do Hell-Burbia and Angelic Ruins and if it goes quick enough even The Gully. Thanks in advance!
  11. Sent you a message on xbox live but I figured I'd post on here anyway. 8 is perfect see you all then!
  12. I'll be on tonight at about 6 EST - 11 GMT If anyone wants to or is setting anything up message me or send me a Friend Request and I'll help you get it organized. Also Post what time you can be on if you are interested. Looking for, Et tu, brute? Demolition Man Team 1 1. 2. 3. 4. Team 2 5. 6. 7. 8.
  13. This is an issue that happens everytime new DLC is released. For some reason if you already have the list on your checklist then the DLC cannot be checked. To fix it you have to delete the list from your checklist and re-enable it for it to work.
  14. Good/Bad news for you guys. *ASSUMING that this information is entirely accurate* Click here Go and look at the weapon list and you should all be able to clearly see where is says Battle Rifle. Like I said though I'm unsure of how solid this info is.
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