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  1. Shows how long I've been away from this game lol, thanks for the info will have to look up the harmony spam.
  2. Looking to get the polyamory achievement, message me if your interested and have missions ready. My gt is DGK ALL DAY KAY. I have smart glass on my phone so messaging me will be the fastest way to reach since I will see it right away as well as respond fast as well.
  3. No Techland patched the glitchy achievements. When Dead Island came out we had a similar glitched achievement like Dying Light has. We were stuck at finding 49/50 locations even though it was confirmed anyone stuck at this found all locations the but the game just didn't count one. Later when the new dlc came out they fully patched it and when you booted up the game it unlocked the achievement.
  4. These are my top 5 xbox games that I would buy day one if they had a remake on the one. 1. Conker Live and reloaded ( this could actually happen after the most recent rumors from microsoft saying that they could revive old rare games) 2. Odd World strangers wrath 3. Stubs the zombie 4. Psychonaughts 5. Splinter cell chaos theory I would say star wars battlefront but since we are getting 3 at the end of year im totally fine with that.
  5. 100% correct on this, besides that extra DLC which has way more content in it is like a mini arcade game and not a story add on. Plus it was announced and released in a span of hours after E3 so why on earth would it be apart of the season pass which announced all of the content before. I know people will take offense to this but the people acting really snobby about this are like the people in stores that feel like they are entitled to everything just because they buy something. Capcom didn't have to release this extra content and besides that you are bitching about saving 30$ on DLC if you bought the season pass when it was on sale. Like seriously what do you want from them. I would and gladly did spend 20$ on everything and overall saved money and didn't didnt bitch or cry about not having everything included.
  6. Had a pretty good year since I only had 4 titles from launch day(DR3, Ghost,Ryse, NBA2K14). I prob went a little over board this year but I had a lot of fun with most of these games: Physical Battlefield 4 Call of duty Advanced warfare Destiny Diablo 3 The Evil Within Farcry 4 Grand Theft Auto 5 Halo MCC Lego Marvel Madden 25 Madden 15 Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Metro Redux NBA 2K15 Shadows of Mordor Sunset Overdrive Titanfall The Walking Dead Season 1 The Walking Dead season 2 Wolfenstein Watchdogs WWE 2K15 Zoo Tycoon Digital: Nutjitsu Borderlands Episode 1 Another World Minecraft
  7. Im wondering the same but for me I did get the one day one but it wasn't the day one edition, I haven't gotten message for limbo whats so ever and I feel I wont even though I got the email for the special items and rewards for being apart of one year aniv. =[ this is kinda lame.
  8. Achievements not popping on the one has to deal with your connection to live and the servers etc, if you have a slight hiccup in your internet connection it could potentially not unlock your achievements until a later date or if the cloud and servers are being funky at that time it could also cause a delay. I've never seen anything stay locked for more then 3 days so. as long as it says Done Unlocking... you should be fine and just wait it out.
  9. Still looking for some help in power leveling to 50 im level 41 now and would really need some help getting to 50 so I can be done with this game for awhile. I have a shooting star if someone is interested in that for the help !! Message me on my tag which is my username on here ! Thanks in advance !
  10. Need help doing my last 13 levels to get to 50 if anyone is helping it would be much appreciated. My gamer tag is my user name pm if your willing to help !! Thanks !!
  11. This is the exact spot I missed Lol I was like I'm sure a side mission will go down in here and just walked away. After I got done with all my side missions and posted this I remembered I never actually walking into the area.
  12. So I have the story done, side missions complete, the invincible beat, I've seen the excaliber gun, and have killed Iwajira and have gotten all the location achievements except for the find all locations. So what am I missing? Any help would be awesome! EDIT: Nevermind I found it ;]
  13. Was wondering if your hardcore character counts towards the 6? I only have my witch doctor left to level up as well as my level hardcore level 30 barbarian. Thanks in advance.
  14. Did you go to each character and hit import character. I had to go to each one I wanted to transfer to get them to show up on my one.
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