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  1. Thanks for the info on your build, why not make a new Achievement guide thread so all info can be added in properly and get the mods to delete this one.
  2. I had mine stick at 11/12 for a while but i went through and used all the weapons again and it counted one of them for 12/12.
  3. Theres Pulp Fiction pics in there who doesn't like Pulp Fiction.
  4. Yeah that sucks, well if it makes you feel any better about it you got 5 star from me. Even if this game doesn't need a collectible guide i appericate the fact that you went to the effort of making one anyway and that effort will get 5 stars from me so hopefully it will keep you around to make guide for other games that do need them. So Cheers and thanks for the work you put into making this and your many other contributions to this site.
  5. Yeah you can free roam after finishing the last mission to finish up any side quests or missed collectibles.
  6. You can purchase a location map for this for $500 after you complete a certain number of garrisons. First great guide layout nice work so far, Just thought i'd say that the collectible maps are broken down into 4 areas the North, South, East, West they're unlocked when you capture a garrison in that area of the map not when youve captured a certain number of them. So when you grab a garrison at the top left of map the North collectible map will unlock and so on. I'd give achievement difficulty a 3/10 nothing is hard about this game in the least easily can be completed in 10 hours for the full 400/400G.
  7. Yeah the 12 animals are listed under the collectibles section. But as long as you do the missions obtained from each Garrison you'll get all 12 animals, except for the neon snake which sticks out and is easily visible on the ground when you finally run across one. So you dont have to go out of your way to try and track down a certain type of animal the game just throws em out at you for doing the missions. Othen then that a very good game if you like what youve seen from trailers i personally give it a 5/5.
  8. You'll still have to pay for the attachments once you unlock them through the missions, but there's plenty of cash to go around. To be honest i dont think the collectibles are that hard to find without the maps that show them all in that area but it helps make it easier theres only 66 total so not that many. 32 Television Sets - 10 Dr.Carlyle's Notes - 12 VHS Tapes - 12 Animals
  9. Hey, was just interested in who I can contact for Ubisoft review copies? I've tried in the past, but have received any replies.

  10. I got a review copy of the game and finished it already. Really fun if you like what youve seen in the trailers i personally think its better then is shown. I'd say a 9/10.
  11. Its about a 10 hour game with getting the collectibles and killing the dragons. I think the map is a bit more like 60% then 80% of the Far Cry 3 main island. Would also sugest to get the achievements for killing dragons befor finishing the game because its hard to find them after you finished the last main mission.
  12. Collectible's appear on map the same as Far Cry 3, the shop has maps you can buy once you capture a garrison in that area of the map.
  13. Thieves Club Challenges Tier 1 Kill 10 enemies from hiding places: The best hiding place is a haystack or leaves. You can keep reloading your checkpoint if you want this faster while in a mission (one of the later missions you start in a well with a guard above, you can keep reloading checkpoint). Need 25 instead of 10. Thanks for all the work you put into making these guides.
  14. Bouncing betty's always do less damage then the other grenades because it keeps shooting projectiles for a little while but yea the chest really dissapoints most of the time a crappy grenade mod or a pistol which i never use.
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