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  1. Precisely. EA make a big song and dance about wanting to put an end to coin selling, but leave the mechamisms in place for people to carry on as normal. A quick Google search shows that coin selling is alive and well, despite EA's 'best' efforts. Maybe not as rife as in previous years, but alive and well just the same.
  2. It'll be people buying/transferring coins. Why on earth do EA set price ranges like this? No-one is legitimately going to pay 10K for a 46 rated bronze player! http://www.futhead.com/16/players/13774/gary-armstrong/
  3. Not tried it online yet, but there are far more tracks than in Forza 5, and the new tracks are really enjoyable to race on. Add in the night races and rain, and for me it's the best Forza yet.
  4. I'm Level 63 and have a ton of missions unlocked, and will happily help you out.
  5. Hear hear! Plus I also point the finger at all the "use my code at checkout for 5% off, link in the description" tossers on YouTube.
  6. You can, but only locally, ie on the same console signed in as a guest.
  7. Got the update last night, with a couple of strange results... All my farm animals were duplicated, so I had twice as many as before. Not that I'm complaining, bet they were going a bit mental at being in what was now a confined space... Secondly, in my storage room, all the item frames were duplicated, and lying on the floor, along with the item that had been in them, whilst the originals were still on the wall. Again, not complaining, as I doubled the amount of item frames, and got an extra one of each item in the process. Weird
  8. I agree that the AI defending and the shooting is poorer this year, but the best thing for me so far is that all the 12 year-old kids that just ran down the wing or spammed lobbed through balls last year fail so epically this year
  9. Helped out about a dozen people from here so far, and still willing to do so. I could use some help from anyone who's a bit of a redstone expert. I want to automate the farms in my world, and build some mob spawners/grinders. Found 2 spawners so far, and 1 in the nether. Also need help building a slime farm, so any help appreciated. Anyone still needing achievements, hit me up on XBL, mentioning you're from this site.
  10. You're welcome, glad I could help Any time you want to jump on my map and build yourself a house, go for it.
  11. I have a world set up where you can get all the achievements bar the 100 days and biomes ones. Anyone wanting the remaining ones, hit me up and I'll send you an invite. GT: LNG SaNdMaN Send me a message on XBL first, so I know you're from here. Also, it helps if you have a mic, so I can guide you if you're not sure about anything.
  12. I'm going to start out on Friendly Seasons with a friend. We're going to do one season with a League 2 squad, then League 1, Championship and then Premier League. This is the League 2 team I've made to start off with, and I'm looking forward to using players that I wouldn't normally use. http://wefut.com/en/squads/image/156471/ What teams will you guys be making this year?
  13. Having got right back into Minecraft again, I'd really appreciate if someone could make me a Minecraft-themed sig, with my GT, my avatar http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/LNG%20SaNdMaN/avatar-body.png and preferably some mobs or stuff in the background. If I could have a diamond pickaxe in my hand as well, that'd be awesome
  14. I'll believe it when I see it. You can bet your bottom dollar that within hours of the FIFA 15 release, all the big YouTubers will have videos out, promoting coin selling sites. Until EA start banning the big boys, I'll take it with a pinch of salt. NB. I've been playing FUT since FIFA 10, and never once bought coins, ruins the whole point of trading, IMO).
  15. In short, no. You still get the message warning you that the world was made in Creative, and that you won't get achievements.
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