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  1. This is complete and utter BULLSHIT!! Would it be possible that there is somewhere to buy the DLC as codes and then redeem them to get access to the DLC? Or what if somebody still had it as a gift on steam that could be traded for? would that work? Microsoft are so LAME!
  2. Sounds like your talking about Juno (I think that's who she is). You talk to her various times throughout the game when doing quests outside of the Animus.
  3. Sorry I know this doesn't help you, but it amazes me how riddled with glitches and bugs this game is :S
  4. I guess it's just the obvious thing as mentioned Bear Pelts give the most in terms of Hunting items, but they do take much longer to collect so Beaver Pelts are definitely the best to go for as Beavers are often in large groups and they move slow enough to assassinate rapidly. What I usually do is just buy the Bear + Beaver Pelts from the Stockpile and then sell them on. It lowers profits because you are buying them but it is a steady income if you can't be bothered to go hunting for hours, you can just travel to the Homestead every 30mins or whatever the Convoy time is and repeat. Something that really annoys me is the Crafting system. There is some items you can craft that will sell in the range of £1000 - £1500, but the problem is the combined ingredients used to craft them mean you can even make a loss lol. 95% of the Craft system makes no sence to me. I THOUGH it did at first until I did some experimenting and noticed the combined costs.
  5. You may have to clear your internet browser cache, the site is clean now Please clear your cache and try again.
  6. An update. The site was hacked and code was placed onto the server to cause redirects to dodgy sites, mostly sites with the .ru domain. I have cleaned up the site, and google have gave it a clean bill of health so it is now back up and running. Sorry to anybody who has had problems accessing the site over the last few weeks. Since I was away for about a month, I have no idea how long it had been Blacklisted by google. Good thing is it's now all back in busines. Also I have obtained copies of AC2, AC:B, and AC:R for PC and am now going to be working on getting the site updated with content from those games. There is no ETA, and quite frankly will probably be months away but I will get there... Cheers! http://www.assassinscreed-maps
  7. I've been out of contact for a little while, this includes not checking and readin email regularly, and not really keeping much of an eye on the site. Personal problems. I will get this looked into and dealt with ASAP. Thanks guys.
  8. You can now buy a DLC bundle via Steam for the game which is a little bit cheaper than what it was buying all packs individually (1600+1200+640). The pack includes the following: Microsoft Flight: Hawaiian Adventure Microsoft Flight: Maule M-7-260C Microsoft Flight: North American P-51 Mustang Those MSPoints add upto £29.24 / $43.00. Buying the Steam bundle costs just £21.99, and in USD roughly £35 which totally pisses me off. That is a pretty fair saving. BTW these are rough conversions, as currency converter websites aren't always that accurate.
  9. A lot of achievements didn't unlock for me when I should have unlocked them, but following the guide on this forum about deleting the achievement cache gave me them the next time I booted the game. Having said that however i had no problem with Maui Bound or Princely Cargo. And YEAH XP Grinder baby! Still confused as to why there are still 2 "XP Grinder" achievements. But at least they FINALLY patched it.
  10. I just came across this game by going to the "similar" (or whatever it's called) when viewing Gattling Gears I believe it was. I downloaded the demo and I love it! Definitely going to buy it. It's also my kind of game (arcade type anyway). I love twin stick shooters, and love them 10x more when you get upgrades! Nothing beats upgrading your guns, weapons, health/armor etc.
  11. High Flying Glider: 38,000ft in the Icon A5. Even though it's not likely it will be required to glide far, I chose this plane as it's much lighter than the Stearman, and has the same glide ratio (10.0:1). I saved it right above the volcano as shown. High Flying Glider - Icon A5 @ 38k
  12. I noticed this the other week. Yesterday when I went onto the game to get my daily Aerocache, after I got it I went back onto my Xbox 360. For some reason one of the XP Grinder Achievements now appears at the top of my Achievements list, you know as if I have earned it. I haven't of course, it still has the lock picture, but why is it there? Strange.
  13. Yeah thats fine mate. In all honestly I prefer using video guides to written guides or guides with pics, but I made this site as I don't own any equipment to record my Xbox360. And there are checklists on each map page that can be used to record progress, so no real need to mark the map with whats already collected. My checkbox's use cookies so as long as nobody clears their cookies their checkbox progress will remain.
  14. Okay will post a new save for this later tonight. Also will post one for getting Mach 1 cheevo.
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