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  1. Well, good news. You can replay a mission as many times as you like and continue to accrue xp. It even saves all xp if you die, so no serious worries. Also, absolutely everything in the game that you can destroy is worth some xp, (fighter planes very little, but it's something) except for one: Enemy rockets. You get zero xp or points for shooting them down which is kinda too bad, but I suppose that stops you from farming them. The most amount of xp you can get at any time is for completing mission objectives and secondary objectives. It seems for grinding purposes the best bet is to find a mission that you are comfortable playing and burn through as quickly as possible to get the largest chunks of xp. Unfortunately it also seems that the xp awards are designed to get you to a certain level so you have a certain amount of upgrades available. If you want a few or even several levels/upgrades more than you would usually have at a given point it's going to be a serious grind.
  2. What did you think of the weird ending??
  3. The last stage is a series of arenas where you need to move from "box to box" and blow up the gate guns to proceed. Keep in mind also, every time you destroy a gate there's a couple of ground defense emplacements directly in front of you on the "road" that may or may NOT have a power up. They are easily avoided. Go to the left when destroying a gate/wall leads to a couple dead ends but there are almost always at least ONE power up at the end of the hall. There are unfortunately one to three of those obnoxious missile frigate things flying there but if not needed, then these can also be avoided. Follow the road to the next "box" and avoid the enemies. I'll also agree that there is a serious bullet storm going on this stage and you almost just need to hold down both fire buttons and try to spend time dodging than worrying about each little enemy. Most of the enemies in the "boxes" can be avoided and then just fly to the gate and blow the guns apart in order to advance to the next section. Super tip! The little missile turrets in the ground that pop out of the tiny double doors that shoot dumb-fire and homing rockets do WAY more damage per hit to you than any other single projectile in the game, including those nasty fusion laser cannons that some bosses have. STAY AWAY FROM THE MISSILES! Fortunately, they can be shot down, but only after they reach a certain "altitude" similarly to when you can't shoot the planes coming out of hangers right away. Obviously, there's also an achievement for this but later I found it much less stressful to shoot the rockets down as soon as possible if they were homing than letting them go as they can actually do 180 degree turns and hit you from behind especially when just off-screen. This is a serious issue in later difficulties, as I'm finding, unfortunately. The last boss is a big cannon on rails that needs to have the "support" units destroyed before it can be attacked. Start off on one side in between bullet barrages and blow off the two different cannon/missile launcher things on the device/building that is connected to the big cannon. Go to the other side of the cannon and repeat. If needed, fly around the perimeter of the area and destroy all tanks and turrets as needed. They won't come back, only the fighter planes will respawn. After the two "devices" on either side of the cannon are destroyed you can damage the cannon. This is pretty easy as there's only a couple of easy-to-dodge weapons on the sides and after enough damage, the cannon will slide forward. Wait for the new "device/buildings" to attach to the sides of the cannon and repeat the previous couple of steps. Do this three times and after all six of the power devices are gone you can finish off the cannon and get arguably the worst translated ending I've seen in a while. Don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say it's worth the effort to read badly translated gender case that calls in to question the sex of some of the people in the game. Totally worth it.
  4. Got all the cheevos so far except for silver and gold medal ones. All pretty straightforward and pretty easy to get. My question would be, is there a way to grind xp on missions? I tried myself playing a mission a couple of times but I never seem to see the xp bar move while killing stuff. Does it only go up while completing objectives or do the "little guys" count too? If so, there's a couple places where infinite enemies spawn at hangers on a couple missions and the planes are a one/two shot kill and when they leave the hanger they aren't flying at full speed and the whole group can be quickly mowed down. You only have to worry about the occasional stray fighter coming from a different direction and all the ground defenses can be destroyed to lessen the problem of getting shot. Of course, killing so many enemies makes a lot of icons drop, so dying should not a huge concern. I'll have to try this. Speaking of which: Anyone know if xp gain is kept upon complete failure of a mission when having to restart? What if I just kept blowing up a bunch of stuff and dying on purpose?
  5. Five hours, eh. So, has anyone gone for five+ straight hours or more and then counted how many item pickups were actually counted? In terms of health for enemies here's some guesses: Spider ~40? Grey Ant ~50 Red Ant ~100 Flying Drone ~70 Red Drone ~2000? Bee ~70 Dragon ~100 Hector ~1200+ (A single Goliath D2 rocket does not kill them) Shield Bearer ~1000+? Blue Hector ~2500? (wild guess) Small Transport ~2000? Large Transport ~3000? Deroy ~1000? Large Deroy ~2500? (Legs don't count sometimes, three Goliath D2 rockets kills them, sometimes two) Earth Eater guns ~800 (Two Emerald rocket hits killed one, one D2 rocket) Earth Eater Laser Cannon ~1500? (The big hex-shaped one) Earth Eater Drop Hex ~1500? (Same rocket hits as the laser cannon hexes) King Spider ~20,000? Argo ~15,000? (Didn't seem as tough as a King Spider, just had way more guns ) Mothership Panel ~500? (One low level rocket can destroy them most of the time and sometimes the blast can destroy multiple panels) Mothership ~10,000? (Not very tough, just lots of weaponry) Bee's Nest ~15,000? (Lots of rocket hits took it out) Brain ~25,000? (Many phases and it blinks when a hit counts. So many rockets I lost count) Brain Hexes 1st Phase/2nd Phase ~1000? Just like regular Earth Eaters? Brain Hexes Final Phase ~1000? (No idea, really. Was using Lysander 2 and single shotting them)
  6. Here's another question: Anyone got any health totals per enemy and the multiplier for the difficulty modes?
  7. I saw a nifty video about easy armor farming on mission 15. I'm wondering if anyone has figured out if, similar to EDF2017, there's a limit to the maximum amount of pickups you can make on a single stage?
  8. Well, thank God there's some Kind Spiders in this mission. After all this shooting maybe we can all just sit down and talk for a change. *whew*
  9. Evidently, Jade Gargoyle is weak against Katarina's empowered Heartseeker Shot three times in a row at point blank range.
  10. This piece of crap is impossible on hardcore. Anyone beat this thing? AI is dead in seconds, if not nanoseconds and even with a level 31 Katarina blasting for thousands of critical hit damage per shot, I'm either dead in seconds even if using the double stick ability to become invincible or I dodge as much of the poison as I can and get trapped and one-hit killed. I'm not turning down the difficulty or I'm sure I'll screw up my hardcore cheevo. Cheap bastard regenerates so fast that even after seven or eight criticals in a row for 20,000 damage he just heals right back up while I'm trying to dodge poison. Is this someone's idea of a sick joke?
  11. This is quite a rant. Strange, I didn't see this level of complaining on the VERY hard Hard Corp: Uprising. That game is pretty damn tough. Well, how about this. I picked up the R-Type cheevo where you had to only use rapid fire and beat stage one and two. Is Sine More that hard?
  12. Oh, and, blast, I never did get a new sentient to drop. =(
  13. Make sure after destroying the Ark and before exiting the mission that you fly your ship over the center of where the Ark was. I found that the Ark dropped a pretty nice 50% reduction in Supershield cost right smack in the center of where he used to be.
  14. Okay, 200G on this one. That was pretty fun with a relative minor amount of grinding at the very end. Started as Consortium to get some skills, got to level 1 in Consortium. Switched to Dominion and got to a high enough level doing missions to get to level 3 in order to get my first cruiser. Bought a couple better guns and a Healer sentient and maxed out the sentient pretty quickly. Ended up buying another one later and re-speccing for a little more effeciency. Only need about 20 to 25 black crystals to max out necessary stats on sentient, the rest is a waste. Had full hull healing and specials were the ones that gave huge boosts to healing and shield repair. Got "looting" to max so the sentient could pick stuff up on the whole screen and set to "aggressive" mode to attack enemies on sight. Started doing Warzones with my first cruiser and was collecting about 3 to 9 points per warzone. Seems the best way to do them is start, head towards the enemy battleship while tagging all the supply points, 3 or 4 is good and then heading to the battleship and going kamikaze until it dies. Eventually you'll have a few points and I bought Battlegun 1. Did a couple more until I had THREE Battlegun 1s. Kept doing Warzones until I would get a new story mission and then do that and keep getting better cruisers. Eventually, I had a cruiser that couldn't die and Battleguns have more range than standard pulse weapons, killing the battleship just offscreen and not taking damage. Eventually I had one Battlegun 4 and two Battlegun 1s and max healer sentient and got to Dominion level 9. Joined all the other factions except Revenant Order to get them to level 1 and gain access to all skill trees. Joined the Revenant Order and did ONLY warzones until max level 9 and only had to do two or three extra at the end to get three Battlegun 4s. Joined the Praetoriate and quickly zoomed through to level 9 and only used the Interceptor fighter and two Battlegun 4s. Joined the Sunshadow Syndicate and did the same, this time with the heavy fighter using two Battlegun 4s and the sentient. Re-joined the Consortium and quickly finished the remainder of the missions to get to level 9. Took the Consortium heavy fighter to do the story missions and wish I'd have taken the Dominion cruiser instead as the final couple missions are quite difficult and missed having 18,000 more hull on the cruiser. Prevailed anyways, after the third (?) or so story mission the Legion Raids became available. After the last story mission upon discovery of the location of the Ark the Ark Raids became available. Re-joined the Dominion and took the level 4 Cruiser with three Battlegun 4s and healer sentient to the Legion Raid. The cruiser can be flown -nearly- as quickly as a heavy fighter by tapping the Afterburner button and then clicking the left stick to set warp engines. This nullifies the horrible acceleration and allows for speedy response to invasions. Finished the raid on the fifth day easily with only 6% damage to the station. Cheevo popped. Took same setup to Ark Raid with no knowledge of what to expect and was nearly killed a few times. The roll trick works not only for the stage but for the whole time you are logged in and doesn't need to be repeated after the first roll with the cruiser. The mites are a joke and can't even hurt you. Before I knew a good way to fight the giant mite I almost died. As soon as the mite allows you to shoot after the confrontation simply fire all guns right in its face and don't move. He'll crash right in to you and can't hurt you and may disappear as well but you can still hurt him. Your front shield may actually drop and he'll be dead. The splitters can be killed by focusing all fire on a single one at a time. The Librarian boss can't even hurt you. The Elder Legion ships can be destroyed offscreen and won't even come to attack. The "captial ship gauntlet" is tough but concentrated fire will destroy all the ships before most can fire a second volley and repairing to full in between rounds is easy. Janus is very dangerous since he copies your ship. I nearly died three times fighting this guy but used afterburner to run circles around him and strafe him. The Ark is a quasi-joke but the cannons on the side of the beam emitters are very dangerous and nearly killed me due to attack spamming. You just end up running out of room to move and I kept getting pummeled by fire. Luckily you can hide in the corners for a bit before the mini fighters find you and heal up. Dropped the emitters a few times and did enough damage and the Ark blew up and the cheevo popped! Finished the game at level 69. Spent about two and a half hours replaying area 1 and 2 in the Ark Raid and very quickly leveled up from 69 to 97. The last levels 98, 99 and 100 seemed to take a very long time, nearly two runs per level. Hope this helps.
  15. Has anyone answered this? I'm currently going through the Dominion so I can get some battleguns from warzones. If I switch factions do I lose the ability to go back to warzones until I switch back to Dominion or Revenant Order or do they become "always available?" Oh, yeah... searched for this and didn't really find anything... what's the max number of black crystals you can "feed" sentients and do different commonality of sentients possess higher levels of maximum stats, i.e., do common get like 20 black crystals and uncommon get 40, etc.? Well, I guess it's true if you look hard enough on the internet you can find anything. Evidently, it's 60 black crystals maximum which should max all regular sentient stats. Guess I'll start mining some blue and get started.
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