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  1. Hello. I read that you need AC4 multiplayer achievements too. I need help as well. I tried adding you but your Gamertag isnt recognized? On the 360 theres no underscore symbols so that might be why. My gamertag is Gemgemchan if you want to add me.

    Also if you have discord you should join achievement alliance. Right now we have been focused on getting AC4 achievements if ya interested~

  2. Hellloooo...this game has been sitting on my shelf for a while, been meaning to complete it. I must of played mulitplayer once cuz I got 60 points xD but yeah I dont remember much of this game. Had a quick go at defeating some random bandits and the fighting style some what came back to me (its like...your fingers know~) but I am truly terrible at controlling the characters. So if anyone can help me with the achievements and of course I can help you in return~ GT:Gemgemchan
  3. Just a little heads up but achievements don't seem to pop up/unlock at the correct time. E.g. Deja marty achievement only unlocked once I got to docs garage sale
  4. Does anyone know where to get high rank generic statement of deployment material? I've completed the game on normal. I also did up to the prologue on the hard mode. I've done the majority of the requests and survey missions but I haven't come across it yet. (I know you can press Y to view mission rewards but I still haven't got it listed) So does anyone know exactly what level it is on? I've been playing for the pass 6 hours OTL
  5. YESSSSS thankyou! This works!
  6. This spreadsheet is amazing! Thankyou! Just a question though, each character has only 1 mystic weapon right? So where in the spreadsheet it says Zhao Yun and then the first one defeat sima yi and 500 enemies. I got the Mystic weapon from that chapter. Does that mean I can move on to the next character or do I have to get a mystic weapon in all of Zhao Yun levels?Erm these ones: Battle of Fan Castle (Remix) Defeat Cao Pi and Zhenji in under 11 minutes. Ambush at Yangping Gate Defeat Yukimura Sanada and 800 enemies in under 10 minutes. Mystic Realm Riot Defeat Nuwa and 800 enemies in under 11 minutes.
  7. Mine worked. It never shown up in the day. I defeated the compys during the day and then turned the day to night and the sick dino was there!
  8. Almost had a panic attack. I got all cards but the achievement didn't pop, turns out this is to be sorted in the next update ¦D Panic more or less over
  9. Ah I see. Yeah I did the deadly plot quest and found Thaler and challenged him there and then. Tbh whenever I do a quest I quickly look at a quest guide first to see if there are cards involved. I have like 6 taps up on my PC while playing this. Ya know they are making a new game + does that let Gwent cards cross over? I can't remember if it does or not.
  10. I' only have a few cards left to get (Cahir mawr, Dennis Cranmer, endrega, cockatrice, wyvern and vrihedd cadet) These cards are from random opponents. I've been going against every merchant and trader blacksmith and armour smith I've come across. I just finished Act 1 and I'm about to move onto act 2. I'm 90% sure I've unlocked all locations in the areas in Velen, novigrad, Skellige, royal palace and white orchard. So is there a tick sheet of all traders/ merchant that can play gwent with you.
  11. You should be able to get it still from Thaler at the seven cats inn Yup. I just checked Thaler is still at the inn.
  12. Whenever Im on watch dogs and Im tailing/hacking someone its like "Just let me tail/hack you!!! only need to do it 10 times TwT" I know this might be a long shot but if we just got a lot of us to be available online on a certain day and time and then everyone who wants to take part just puts their gamertag on this post. So we know if this person is someone who can help us out or someone who isn't. BUT we cant add each other to the friend list. Its literally going to be down to luck if we find another player who is willing to help out or not. Or we can ask ubisoft to make the achievements count with friends! XD Just like with making that drinking game easier! heck they might listen, but probably not. I also just let the tailer tail and the hacker hack me.
  13. I can help! I checked your profile you got it on xbox one right? TwT Im on 360. I need people to tail. Apparently this achievement doesn't unlock with friends doing it so you gotta do it on random, but I dont know if there's a way we can get around this.... ...like say if I was to turn my online to on and then from (this is just an example) On Sunday at around 3pm (Im in the UK) I will be online hanging around in a area and I'll let whoever enters into my world hack me. Something like that? I keep trying to tail people/ hack people but Im always found. I only recently just got online with this game so my level is low
  14. I need help getting the tailing and hacking achievos too! I can help you get the achievo as well ! GT:Gemgemchan
  15. I just saw the ending to this~ I kinda liked it, how Light is on our world. But she and the others will look the same and still contain the memories that they had before right? But when all those souls were planted onto our earth was they still in the bodies they had previously? Cuz Light and Serah are sisters would they be together again naturally because they are related? But in the ending we see all of them splitting up into different directions. Maybe it be one of those long lost sister things... or maybe they will find each other by searching for each other? Considering that they all have their memories still, they could go and try and find each other. Also the soulsong thing, all souls who had died before on the old world will be er planted back onto our world right? So Hope's parents are back, but what about the people who died before any of this happened, for example Light/ serah's parents will they be back?
  16. Ah thankyou I shall try it your way! Btw what is that anime you have in your signature called?
  17. Sooo I might have just messed up my save with Bhunivelze... I played the game the first time round on normal mode. I only managed to get to the 6th day or something before the world ended (basically I did whatever I wanted in this playthrough) So when I started a new game I went on new game + normal mode...however this is the first time Im going up against Bhunivelze but because its a new game + does that mean Im going up against Bhunivelze+ ? I can defeat his 1st and 2nd form no problem, the 3rd form is more difficult and I tend to use more potions and phoenix downs on this stage. The 4th form... urgh OTL I read that you have to stagger him but looking at the videos Ive watched online I dont know how they have such high hit numbers! One video I watched the gamer seemed to have similar stats to me and he managed to defeat Bhunivelze no problem, but if I have Bhunivelze+ then what strategy should I do? Should I go to the crystal (near mog) and new game + on normal mode again? And try and get the missing equipment that I couldn't afford to buy or try and get missing abilities/ dress spheres? Or can anyone suggest to me a strategy to defeat him and what garments I should wear and how to stagger his 4th form. If I new game + would Light grow even more stronger by re-doing the quests again? Any help would be great!!
  18. So I got this game about a month ago, played it for a bit, then recently started to replay the game. Im currently at City of Light-Tower of Ormazd going against the Warrior. Now the girl is telling me to push the warrior back into the 3 pillars located in the room. But when I get the warrior up against a pillar and the the action button sequence comes up saying tap X no matter how many times I button mash X the warrior never gets pushed back into the pillar. So how do I do this boss! Its so frustrating and Im getting really bored of this game now.
  19. I figured out the fiber wire control but its weird how you have to do it. hold RT, release RT and then quickly press it again. It gets some getting used to and Ive gotten the hang of it now but for the first mission I was totally confused and had to redo the tutorial. I get where the control for this move is coming from though but its takes getting used to. Im only on blood money the murder of the crows mission so far and Im quite enjoying the way you can play each mission different. In most of the missions I try to do as little killing as possible as I like messing with stuff already there (e.g. poisoning someone, swapping props over with real things) playing the game like that is actually a lot of fun rather than running in there guns blazing But yeah I like how it gives you different ways to complete the missions depending on your style.
  20. Ive never played a Hitman game before and I wanted to play a new type of assassin game, so when this came out I thought why not. However.... playing Blood Money game first and the controls are terrible!!! in the tutorial it started off alright but then when it came to distracting the guards with a coin the hitman guy just wouldnt throw the damn thing. Then eventually the hitman dude threw the coin and i could carry on. Things were okay after that for a while as the voice over guy told me how to do things. But I got stuck again with the bomb thing. You have to pick up the bomb and then the detonator. I planted the bomb and tried to activate the bomb with the detonator but it wouldnt do it. Thought I might have to leave first before bombing up the place but nope just had to kill everyone with a gun instead and never used the bomb. Now Im on the first mission and cant remember how the heck you strangle someone. I checked online to see what the buttons are and all it has is action button and RT button- as fire weapon. The hitman will not strangle his target. I hope this game isnt long. Hope to get the achievements and never play bloody money again. Hopefully silent contracts and hitman 2 will have easier controls. So how do you strangle someone on blood money. i had my wire out and tried going up behind someone and press a. tried it also with rt. I tried it with crouching holding RT. Okay to strangle someone. go behind target. hold RT. Release RT trigger and quickly hold it down again to strangle. Worst controls ever.
  21. Omg I love you!!! Just got my SSS did everything you said about the 10,000 points and then the demon evade and stomp thing. And then the trinity attack as well as demon trigger on the last round. I got 297,936 on style. Such a relief doing this mission all over now. Now only mission 12 to go! Edit : just did mission12 and got my achievo ! Thankyou soooooo much!!
  22. Okay I shall try your way and see how it goes. I hope it works T-T annoying me like crazy this achievement
  23. I'm trying lvl 17 atm but can't get an SSS. Removed the cache but I keep getting SS grade. time and completion is SSS but my style is SS. Ive done this level 3 times so far with the deleted cache but my average score for style is 214,400. Also got mission 12 left and keep getting SS on that and I got 307,000 style points too! How's that not enoughhhhhhhh?!
  24. Been going through the missions most of them I got SSS rank but on seven of the others I can't seem to get SSS. I can't remember the missions all off by heart and what grade I got for each, but mission 4 I keep getting SS. So any good combos to use? Trinity smash is good I've been using that from what the previous post said. I try to juggle the weapons I use but I've seem to hit a wall. Also I keep getting SS rank in 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17.
  25. Finally got it..... After realising I was looking at the wrong code
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