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  1. Ill boost for ranking up only, ill go as long as you need and im on all day today/tomorrow. gt Fluster Zero
  2. Why did they have to throw this one in here, this is to much on wily 3 stage, i have done about 5 go's and fail every time on that level, im using plugball to navigate up the thing but it just doesnt seem to want to let me get up it without killing something since the latters hard to get onto, I have to re-try the hardest part of the game for this achievement. every time I use plugball, I kill something cause the ball goes in a circle around a spike or something and it becomes such a pain to re-do the 1st 2 wily stages. AHHHHHH. damn you capcom for your good games and 10/10 difficulty achievements
  3. thanks for this post, i ran through the game and i killed 1 of the circle things in the 3rd wily stage. i was half tempted to restart the whole thing since I didnt get the achievement for peacekeeper. oh well, my pre-wily stage save is still good, ill give it a go again later
  4. I have 2 guys, need 3 more, I can use a 2nd copy of this if I have to so 2 or 3 people send me a message gt:Fluster Zero
  5. if I keep doing overkill mode it will probally take anoher 50 hours to finish this, this achievement is so dumb.. 5-10mill i did on easy on my 1st try of easy, i was going on normal since I thought it would be easier to get the score quicker with x5 but only reached 8.5 mill and hard made it to almost 5 mill after a few gos. it takes around an hour-hour and a half to get 10mill in easy
  6. I have 1k of everything else. these 2 just dont spawn until later levels and I went for an hour and a half and got around 100 of both of those... anyone have a strategy for getting these killed?
  7. ***here is how to fix that 1.go into single player 2.win 1 match against the computer 3.HOST the match your going to be winning the 25 matches on 4.achievement unlocked
  8. add me, I will do the cube glitch or whatever and we can go for the 100 wins.
  9. I dont watch football and I know I could 1k this easliy if I could understand the foreign language known as football. is there a step by step guide on how to do this game that I could understand, I looked through these forms and I cant tell how I should go about simming, how to use the line up, or anything like that... any help would be appreaciated.
  10. I still need 50-100-200 wins... I asked most of the people in this thread to help but nobody seems to be able to get online....ever. sonebody contact me so we can do this.
  11. thank you so much for writing all this out, this will help ALOT. my god man, idk what to say..
  12. This is the last one I need, I would like to know whats the best way for going at this, is their a way to make money fast to re-do the tournaments? I just need help on this as i do not have the time to spend on trying to do the tournaments over and over to raise enough money to fail once and waste another few hours
  13. im up for it... message me, need 3 other people and im pretty sure this can be done quite painlessly
  14. im up for the kill 5 enemys in 30 seconds with 10 gts in the room. let me know if anyones up for this
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