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  1. Interested in joining a team should put up 10-20k could score more depending on how motivated rest of team is GT Steve Shep
  2. Up for joining a team should be able to get 20-30k more if needed drop me message GT Steve Shep
  3. Looking to do any co op achievements or campaign GT Steve shep
  4. Looking to do online if anyone interested message me on live GT Steve shep
  5. Just started this version if anyone has it and wants to do a co op run through or doesn't mind helping with the 4 player achievements let me know GT Steve Shep
  6. Looking to boost online achievements message me GT Steve shep
  7. Just started playing if anyone would be so kind to give and good/modded weapons would be greatly appreciated . Happy to help would any other achievements GT Steve Shep
  8. Looking to boost online achievements message me GT: Steve shep
  9. Got bioshock Korea finished it now willing to sell if anyone interested
  10. Anyone still have bio shock Korea version for sale?
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