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  1. dont matter just beat him too! I RAV/RAV/RAV when he heals to boost the stagger bar, then just as he transforms I staggered him before he did is ray move. switched to COM/COM/RAV to finish him off. it seemed easy this time round?!!
  2. im stuck a this boss, what party did you use? para ?.ect
  3. last call I use slipstream, you can take a big short cut on the second checkpoint. Adrenaline Factory I also used slipstream. Stargazer heights I used the quad with four exhausts sticking out the back. Circuit races always seem more difficult to me but I did notice that as the race progresses the AI slows down So don't give up on the 1st or 2nd lap
  4. EmmOz

    In game music

    there's a soundtrack ! I must of missed it. seriously, It reads as if he ran over a cat. Does this cat song have lyrics?
  5. Terrible graphics? retarded loading screens? bad handling? What are you? partially sighted, impatient & have parkinson disease
  6. Yea fair enough review, to be honest I was about to give up playing fuel before the car glitch. I now have all stars & currently working through the challenges. That will Keep me busy until fallout3 DLC arrives!
  7. Glad to see its helping people out.
  8. I'm currently doing the same thing, Trucks seem to be a good choice for almost any race. I do like the iron bear over the educator.
  9. I was a big fan of 1nsane on the pc back in 2001, and this game is pretty much the same. After playing for 13 hours, I would say the one thing I don't like, the racing! I find them a chore to do, some can be very frustrating. You can be in front for most of the race then all of a sudden the AI bombs past at a ridiculous speed. good example is monumental race on 3 stars, I had the educator, finish line was just in sight, AI was 500 meters away! within about 3 second it had drop to 60 meters. and then I was overtaken and I came second. I just enjoy roaming around and scaling mountains while doing vista points and chasing down mavericks, its a good chill out game & I will be playing it for some time as its a long but relatively easy 1000gs
  10. WTF!!!! stop talking out of your ass! I have completed quite a few races that I have not even been on before & used this method to win, Also this does work on all challenges. Get your facts straight first you Muppet!!!!
  11. as soon as you see "GO" as the race starts press the back button ONCE (not start)then select the vehicle of your choice You can only do it at the start, also restarting will keep the vehicle you have selected but you cannot reselect another until you go back to free ride and select the race again.
  12. this is making the game way more interesting, this should been in the game originally. Yea makes things a little easier so what!! give the player more choice and its way more fun. I can pretty much get 3 stars on any race if you choose the right vehicle. So far my "iron bear" truck beats most races mainly because its invincible, and can drive over/up pretty much any terrain.
  13. I wont take credit for this find, I found it on gamefaqs
  14. didnt see this posted on here, but is on other websites. select any race thats annoying you, as the race counts down 3,2,1 ON GO PRESS BACK BUTTON you can now use any vehicle you have unlocked!
  15. It should of been the first DLC pack out, I have to admit I found it hard going, I must of killed more enclave in the last level alone than I did in the rest of the game! With all the weapons in this game I could not of done it with out my trusted combat shotty.
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