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  1. Yeah, there is no trade options so you just have to drop trade them.
  2. I found the best place was outside of Ornstein & Smough. I find this boss to be pretty easy but alot of people seem to have dificulty with it so you always get summoned. At level 50 I get summoned alot, took me about an hour to get 4 wins which let me join with 8 Faith. I also used that location to get the sun medals to get rank up in the convenant. I have tried other bosses but they can sometimes take hours to get summoned. Almost always get summoned at Ornstein & Smough in like 5-10mins most times. I dunno about level 120 tho, it seems abit overpowered so people around that level probably dont need any help with fights? might take longer but probably still the best location? o.o
  3. I have only completed my first run at SL50 so far, but playing as a sorcerer who only put points into INT I killed most bosses first time and i never used any summons. It became even easier when I got the 'Homing Soulmass' and 'Soul Spear' spells and later the Crystal versions. For me the only 2 bosses who I had trouble with was Gwyn who killed me 8 times and Priscilla who killed me 10 times. I also died 5 times against the bed of chaos but that was just me rolling into the stupid holes in the floor! >.< Gwyn could jump across the map and one hit me faster than I could cast my spells, even if I blocked with my shield he still killed me in one hit! In the end I just removed my shield and robes so I could roll faster instead! Priscilla being invisible was hard to hit. Homing Soulmass became useless as it wouldn’t target her when she was invisible and Soul Spear only has 4 shots and most of them missed! I ended up having to invest in Attunement to get more spell shots… which wasn’t bad as I kind of needed them anyway... She was also able to kill me in one hit ... infact most things seem able to one hit me! o.o
  4. I dont think you can trade miracles.
  5. How do you know what you’re supposed to be doing? o.o I seem to be just wandering around aimlessly and killing things ... and getting killed ... alot ... >.>
  6. They could just simply look at how much you received and check you still have more then that...
  7. I am level 111 from mostly playing survival. Hopefully 120 this week so I can finally get my own minigun! Much easier to take out those pesky helicopters! Plus it will be pink!
  8. Is there no way to decline money from people? This just heppened to me twice, I now have received $163,300,000
  9. It is nice they are giving a discount ... but ... did they put the prices up? >.> are we actually saving anything? I dont remember how much the Adder or Dinka Double-T cost before but I am sure the Buzzard did not cost 2mil before and did the Annihilator always cost 4mil? o.o It says "Event Crate Drops are back - frequent deliveries, with more than double the usual amount of RP, high-powered weapons and bonus cash." I think they usually have around 2.5k RP so would be maybe 5k RP per create. I wonder how frequent these deliveries will be.
  10. I don’t understand how people are saying this mostly affects legit players. As someone who almost never races except a few boat and air races (I have only done 21 races, 8 wins / 13 losses) I have not noticed a difference. I have been playing roughly a month just joining random missions/survivals and am almost level 100. It’s not that difficult to level doing missions and I don’t think playing for 1 month is too long, I wouldn’t even mind if it took longer. What do you guys spend all this money on? I have played this game just for fun with no glitching money or getting the 500k stimulus package but I still have more money than I can spend. I bought the 400k house and guns and some of those expensive cars and added the upgrades I have currently unlocked. I also got a bike and a boat and even bought a ton of clothes for the sake of it. But I still have 1.4mil to spend and it just keeps rising o.o ...? That’s my cash stats from the rockstar social site, the only things I don’t have that I could see people buying would be the tank and buzzard but those can be found for free, and I would probably never use them anyway… Also whoever said jobs don’t pay enough I Spent on Job & Activity entry fees $69,600 at $200 a time that’s 348 jobs and I Earned from Jobs $5,488,992 which divided by 348 is an average of $15,773 per job... unless I misunderstand these stats? o.o
  11. I still see crates dropping. I got a special one yesterday as well.
  12. You could just go to Fort Dawnguard and pick one up. Despite being badass vampire hunters and this being there secret hideout they don’t seem to mind a vampire coming in and taking there stuff! Infact there leader will give you one when spoken too … =/
  13. you sure it was a Legendary dragon??? pics, or you're lying. To say he is lying seems a bit harsh, at level 48 the highest dragon you can find is an 'Ancient Dragon' perhaps he simply got them both mixed up?
  14. Vampires! Thats right sun your days are numbered! o.o (why do we have two topics about this D:?)
  15. Yea, I wish they told us an exact time ... its the 26th where is my DLC D:!
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