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  1. [ame] [/ame] Source: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire Become a VIP and create your own criminal organization in the latest addition to GTA Online, Executives and Other Criminals. Featuring all new gameplay modes and opportunities for luxury living, Executives and Other Criminals also includes new customizable apartments, stilt houses in the Vinewood Hills and the ultimate in executive excess: the extravagant, fully staffed and upgradeable Super Yacht. VIP’s who run their own operation gain access to new co-op Jobs, challenges and special abilities in Freemode, as well as having the power to hire and fire other players for their team of bodyguards. Meanwhile, Bodyguards earn a regular paycheck and their own special benefits including RP, GTA$, and stat boosts for working for a VIP’s organization. Organizations can go head to head in Freemode, with new missions that make full use of the latest executive defense options including new armored vehicle variants, the devastating Turreted Limo and the missile defense systems of the Super Yacht, which also comes with its own suite of supporting vehicle upgrades including the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft. Some existing Freemode Events will automatically adapt when played by organizations, allowing for new ways to take on King of The Castle, Moving Target and more. Also included is the new Extraction Adversary Mode, tasking teams of Bodyguards to search, locate and safely extract an Executive from their downed jet before a Hit Squad intercepts and eliminates the target. Executives and Other Criminals also brings fresh choices in executive transport and protection with new weapons, new vehicles and much more. Check back to the Rockstar Newswire for full details and download the free update Dec 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  2. BIGbivvie for me it was because I changed to a current gen Console and the XBOX 360 & XBOX One Markets have been separated for FUT 16, so nothing (apart from FIFA Points) can be carried over. Yes Jamski, it's just unlocked for me now (17:50 Tuesday), I checked earlier at around 8am and I couldn't Trade/access the Market at that point, so all is okay now.
  3. Does anyone know the exact answer for this as it's very frustrating? Last Wednesday I upgraded to an XBOX One and therefore lost all of my FUT Web App progress for the XBOX 360. When I got home from work on Thursday I had to start FUT from scratch (as I won't buy FIFA Points) and now I've played 15 FUT Games and I still can't access the Transfer Market on the Web App.
  4. Playing on 360, I just loaded up GTA and there was no Update. Does anyone know why? Also it appears GTA Online has been "Hacked" for the last few weeks. Some of the issues I've witnessed: Random explosions killing everyone in the Lobby. Occasionally I load the Game and there is an explosion in my Garage which moves some of my stored Vehicles. I've seen giant Windmill's near the entrance of the most expensive property. Also a giant Boulder near the entrance of the most expensive property. Because of my high Rank (440+) I keep getting asked "Are you a Modder?", as most people seem to think the person with the highest Rank in the Lobby is to blame and it's very annoying. Anyone else experienced these things?
  5. [ame] [/ame] Source: Rockstar Newswire "The Free Mode Events Update in GTA Online is a new advancement in open world gameplay, giving players access to a range of seamlessly integrated games and challenges in GTA Online’s Freemode. Taking full advantage of the latest generation of consoles and PC hardware, there are no menus, lobbies, or load times – just an open Freemode session filled with Friends, Crewmates, rivals, and randoms where spontaneous and chaotic new games and challenges will appear. One of these events can kick off at any given moment while in Freemode, and you can customize your session to decide exactly which ones will happen – so you can play as much or as little of this new content as you like. With countless variations on each Freemode Event, there are tons of unique new experiences, each offering new opportunities for reaping GTA$ and RP in GTA Online. Feeling locked and stocked? Look out for King of the Castle – an every man for himself turf war where you’ll need to ascend and claim the designated ‘castle’ as your territory – and then fend off everyone else as they go all out to dethrone you. Form fragile alliances and work together in modes like Hunt the Beast, where one volunteer is temporarily transformed into a faster, stronger, beastly character who must escape relentless pursuers. Freemode Events also take the shape of insane stunt challenges, such as popping the longest wheelie, catching the most air in a land vehicle, or performing the most near misses in a vehicle without crashing. Also included with next week's update are two brand new Adversary Modes. First, Hunting Pack: you’re part of a team tasked to deliver a priority vehicle rigged to explode if it drops below a minimum speed, while your opponents race, ram and batter to take it down. Or try Cross the Line, where heavily-armed squads face off across a neutral zone – with the goal of having all team members strategically penetrate their opponents territory to claim victory. The Freemode Events Update also brings the Rockstar Editor to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with new features (also being added for current PC users as well) such as an ambient audio and sound effects library, Snapmatic integration, Director Mode updates and more." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Important Side Notes: There will be no Story DLC for GTA 5. There will be no further Heists in GTA 5. Also the "Free Mode Events Update" is the last GTA 5 Update for those using older Generation XBOX 360 & PS3 Consoles. To read the Article containing all of the above Information click Here
  6. http://i57.tinypic.com/29nc9vt.jpg The Brand New FIFA 16 Career Mode Discussion Thread is now open: Link to Thread, please click Here A huge thank you to everyone who contributed towards this Thread during the course of FIFA 15, see you in the FIFA 16 Career Mode Discussion Thread.
  7. Below is a Video giving a brief Pre-Release taste of the new Features within FIFA 16 Career Mode. [ame] [/ame] What do you guys think of the new features within FIFA 16's Career Mode?
  8. http://i59.tinypic.com/2zq7nm1.jpg Hello, my name is Boomerang Cat and welcome to the fifth annual FIFA Career Mode Discussion Thread on xboxachievements.com. After the success of the previous Career Mode Discussion Threads with the Community members of this Forum, I thought it would be beneficial to everyone to make it an annual tradition. http://i62.tinypic.com/inv02o.jpg With FIFA 16 soon to be Released, many Players of the Game will soon be creating a new Career Mode with their desired Team with the aim of taking them all the way to glory. This Thread has been designed for Users of the Forum to share anything they think others might find useful during their very own FIFA 16 Career Mode. If you're not a member of xboxachievements.com yet, why not register today and share your own FIFA 16 Career Mode experiences? Simply click Here to start the short xboxachievements.com registration process. FIFA 16 Career Mode Items of Interest can include: Bargain Players: Those Undiscovered Gems that are excellent Value for Money. Young Players with High Potential: Share those Wonderkid's whose attributes have grown at a very rapid rate. Tips: Either before starting or during a current Career Mode Game, what are the essential Tips you would give to others? Stories: Exceptional FIFA 16 Career Mode Stories which the majority of the Forum would find interesting. Tactics: What are your "go-to" Tactics which help you to Win Matches or fight back from negative Scorelines. Anything else related to FIFA 16's Career Mode which the majority of the FIFA Community would find interesting:
  9. Rockstar's communication throughout GTA5 has been poor, and they've been behind time with almost everything they've released, remember one of the GTA Trailers stated "Spring 2013" and it eventually arrived in September. It's getting to the stage where although I'd welcome New Story DLC, I'd kind of rather R* focused their efforts on bringing us GTA6 faster. The lack of clarity from R* has been frustrating and it's damaged their reputation.
  10. Yes, I'm on 360 and there are always plenty of Players Online, I'm guessing even more for XBOX One.
  11. I just Downloaded the Update and bought the Progen T20, while the Update was Downloading I watched a couple of YouTube Videos comparing the Progen T20 with Osiris and they are very similar. Osiris: Top Speed: 230mph 0-60: 3.2 seconds Progen T20: Top Speed: 220mph 0-60: 3 seconds One of the comparison Videos seemed to think the Progen was faster than the Osiris once fully Upgraded (in a long Drag Race), so as the new fastest (and as I had $25.87m) I decided to buy it anyway. For me, it seems to have even better handling than the Osiris and takes it's place in the Top 4 GTA V Supercars along with the Entity XF & Zentorno. Unfortunately, there is no bulletproof rear window but it does have a nice automatically moving Spoiler. While stationary, the spoiler lies unnoticeable with the rest of the Progen's bodywork, when you get your speed up the Spoiler rises and then when your Brake it rises quickly before descending back into the bodywork. None of my Cars have Spoilers (because imo it's the immature idiots addiction to a real life car) but in this case I'm happy to make an exception. Overall I have zero regrets after buying the Progen T20, as there is little else to spend my GTA $ on in the IGG P2 Update.
  12. I'll check out IGGP2 when I can, as I'm watching a lot of Wimbledon Tennis in my Free Time at the moment, so I'm unable to give any Info on new Cars e.t.c. for the time being. Hopefully others can share their opinions on where the best places are to spend GTA$ on the new Items. Apparently there is a new Supercar which costs $2.2m, is it worth buying?
  13. BLaZe, during the Heists Update you were a similar Rank to me (around 400) you must have enough $, it's well worth the money imo. The Benefactor Stirling GT Sports Classic Car costs $975,000, and it definitely feels like the best in it's class. FoRty9, it hasn't been confirmed whether they'll be more Achievements to earn in GTA or not yet, but there is Story DLC Coming out (I'll guess at September) so I'll also guess they'll be more GTA Achievements that come with the new Story elements.
  14. Welcome to GTA Eggnogga, just a few more months until the next FIFA. Firstly, Sm0keytrip0d gave you some great advice and has covered a lot of subjects so I'll try to add to his comments where I can. It doesn't sound like you've started playing GTA Online yet, so you'll be glad to know when you first start playing you get a nice Tutorial style race & Mission just after Creating your Character to ease you in. When you get into Free-Roam don't worry as most people aren't unreasonably aggressive. Most players will show up on the Map in white, this means they are not being aggressive, if their Icon is a Red circle this means they are aggressive Players - Players with Bounties on their Heads look different to aggressive Players in Red. My advice is to regularly press Down twice on the D-Pad to expand the Mini-Map while in Free Roam to keep track of the movement of the Players in your area. You also get the option to pick a Free Car from the streets, but as you have $1m plus this isn't too crucial a choice. Steal a random Car and take it to LS Customs once every 48 Minutes (1 Day in GTA Online world) and Sell it to make extra cash. I still do this at Rank 415+ lol. You can own up to 3 Properties, each with a Garage that can store 10 Cars each (30 in Total). Eventually, I'd recommend 1 x high end Apartment with a 10 Car Garage and 2 x separate 10 Vehicle Garages - Don't buy lesser Properties/Garages as you'll only get 50% back when you want to get rid of them. With your $1m+ I recommend a Supercar (can you afford the Entity XF or Zentorno?) if you can't afford too many Upgrades, the most essential is "Bulletproof Tyres". Avoid the Adder Supercar as it's handling is considered poor. As for earning money, I enjoy playing with Randoms. Lobbies are easily accessible via your Phone. There is a Quick Job Menu > from there you can Join Race, Join Contact Mission all the Options are there for you. I hope this helps Eggnogga.
  15. A new Update has just been released for GTA Online entitled "Ill Gotten Gains Update (Part One)". Join the Discussion regarding this Update on the Xbox One Forum, Link Below: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=622817
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