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  1. Are you sure? From what I remember seeing, and hearing, on the Xbox 360 most people were just perverts sitting around naked looking for dates.
  2. I always try to use drag cars - you need a long run up, manual transmission and luck that no one else will get in the way. Normally some idiot will sit on the ramp in a monster truck just to be annoying!
  3. Suddenly we seem to have been invaded by a lot of spammers, there's links all over the place
  4. That's the only reason I use any of the forestry equipment - does make you wonder why they put trees so close to the ends of fields when they designed the game though. Farming Simulator on the 360 was exactly the same, you'd hire a worker to do the sowing while you were off doing something else and come back and find him wrapped around a stupid tree - or worst still his tractor humping a car!
  5. You aren't on a world that has been saved from creative and you aren't in creative? I know it was a stupid question but just wanted to make sure!
  6. I had problems but I think I went back to the Doc in jail first and he said something about being able to hear what the young Doc was saying. The hint said record the mumbling but you can't actually do it until the Doc says he wishes he could hear it.
  7. Just try making matches as quick as possible, it builds up a multiplier I got to level 30 something before I had "Bad Luck" come up and had to try again.
  8. There is one other explanation, like the others said, you are obviously just rubbish at match 3 games. You can't complain really, it is a free game, if you'd paid for it then you would have a good excuse to complain, but you didn't.
  9. In my world they spawn in the snow biome I started the world when I first got Minecraft, back then it was a desert, then we had an update and suddenly it snowed all over my desert, now I have ocelots everywhere on the snow on my desert:confused:
  10. No one said farming was easy Having said that, since when has wood cutting been anything to do with farming?
  11. I found several problems with the game, disappointed considering the delays.
  12. Its impossible to read the text on the shitty pink. For some reason almost anyone who designs text layout thinks about whether or not people will be able to read it. Its like the games magazines, no matter how good your eyesight is you won't be able to read white on light grey.
  13. Something to look forward to at Christmas when we finally get the game 12 months later
  14. So 16 people have read this (so far) - would have been nice if someone had replied with either YES, NO, or don't know!
  15. I've played Battlefield 1943 for thousands of hours and its a good way to vent your anger, so to speak, but last night all I got when I tried to join a game was an error saying it couldn't connect to the EA servers.
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