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  1. if somebody would be kind enough to send me a whole set so that I could get the achievement I would be extremely greatful. Of course I would send them right back. Message me on XBL. GT: Marquis James97
  2. Is there a link for a map that can show me where all the radio missions are located? Thanks for the help!
  3. If anybody wants to send me a complete set I would be extremely thank full. MSG my gamertag AH Marquis97. I'll even through in 2,000 pucks to make it worth your while. Thanks for the help!
  4. Do cheats disable Heading South on a White Bronco? I've got a bounty of $8,821 and haven't even gotten the notice that the U.S Marshals are after me. I think that my save game might be glitched or something and feel like just restarting. Could I just start and new game and use the the "Weapon Set" cheat, kill the Lawmen, evade the U.S Marshals and still get the achievement? -Thanks for the help.
  5. The U.S. Marshalls won't chase me. My bounty is about 5,000 and they still won't come after me. Is this achievement broken or is it just me? Tips and Tricks would be gladly appreciated.
  6. Possible to boost the hard MP Achievements If I never played a single MP game?
  7. I'm afraid to start the Combat Challenges. I've beaten the campaign and really only need to get 3 medals for all of the challenges before I unlock every achievement. The stealth challenges seem fairly easy but the combat ones looks so difficult. Is there any tips or tricks I should know about them before I attempt them? I can only seem to get 1-2 stars and never that third one.
  8. -I'm out. Nevermind. Sorry. If you can't get it today msg me AH Marquis97 and I'll help you another time.
  9. I'm not saying that the games are bad I'm just saying that Halo 3 will never have the same value as Super Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot or The Legend of Zelda
  10. What games would you honestly consider classics? This entire gen was nothing Perfect compared to other gens that had shit tons of amazing games. What games represent this gen? Halo, CoD, and Uncharted?
  11. The game plays well and the story is interesting but the really small glitches add up after time and you just see how United Front Games never wen't back to touch up their game and to give it that polished look
  12. I would honestly say rent it first and see if you like the story. If you do THEN buy it because I do believe that Story-Related DLC will be coming out.
  13. Yeah but it looks dumb and just makes for a really weird experience. I'm damn sure they couldn't made an action hijack without the door. Something like Just Cause 2
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