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  1. as the title suggest im thinking bout going back to this one being the best one IMO and wanting to knock out online. Is it still possible?
  2. Better get the Achevos while you can this games been slated for the axe on July 31
  3. is there any possiblity the servers will come back online now that this games free?
  4. online right now trying to get online character stuff done gt:bldagl
  5. will be online later tonight and all day tomorrow looking for online achevos gt:bldagl
  6. Finally touching online for this game would like to get all online achevos Gt: bldagl
  7. yes i do mean see through but hes also glow in the dark.
  8. Why would they make 2 different achievement list for this game instead of just building the goty on top of the original like PS3 did
  9. i need this acheivement im in game right now as im posting this
  10. Just finally got around to playing this would like to knock out acheivements Xbl bldagl I am online right now as I'm typing this
  11. Am looking to do anything that can be boosted I am on us servers Gt bldagl
  12. got this game 3 months ago but jus now started playing it aiming for online trophies gt:bldagl
  13. i need help with anything online based and co-op will help in return gt:bldagl
  14. is it still possible to finish this game cause im thinking bout getting it but not going to if i cant get 100%
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